Cprime named Top Selling Partner of 2022 by Tempo

Tempo software provides products for strategic roadmapping, time and capacity planning, and portfolio management. Cprime’s alliance with Tempo enables customers to align technology and workflows to work better together across the organization to achieve business outcomes and optimize the way teams are contributing work towards broader goals.

The addition of Roadmunk, Tempo and Structure provides new capabilities and seamless workflows for organizations who are making their way down the broad path towards agility. The privilege of being named top selling partner of the year by Tempo is an indicator of the effort Cprime has been leading to equip our clients with the tools and expertise to scale and supercharge the impact of Atlassian tools across their organization. It is Cprime’s firm belief that integrating Atlassian tools with the rest of your mission critical tech stack provides increased visibility, traceability and boosts collaboration through the entire value stream.

Our Head NA of Sales, Liza Ridgway and Channel Manager for Tempo, Holly Hogan recently traveled to Iceland to meet with the Tempo team, accept the award for Top Selling Partner of 2022 and strategize how we can better serve our customers with key 2023 intiiatives, like moving to cloud, full solutions for improved pricing and integrations, and ITSM. We couldn’t miss an opportunity to share some mementos from their unforgettable trip.

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