Atlassian PLUS all the tools your teams need

Cut. It. Out.

Eliminate waste from tool redundancy, process inefficiency, manual work, and unnecessary costs.

Intelligent automation with your Atlassian tools helps you work smarter, not harder to align teams and create more traceability and efficiency while streamlining tooling workflows.

Dissatisfied with the speed or quality of product development or technology investments?

Countless hours a week are spent on context switching, mining for information, and status updates. Mindful technology architecture eliminates process waste, reduces tool redundancy, and enhances speed and quality.

Need guidance on effective ways to organize work and align process and tooling?

No product is built within the walls of one team. Important metadata and work items must flow freely between teams. The balance between efficiency and tool autonomy is established with intelligent integration. 

Unsure how your teams work together to deliver value or why work isn’t aligning to business objectives?

When technology is intelligently integrated, the data to make timely and informed decisions allows businesses to bob and weave with the shifting market.

Supercharged Atlassian Workflows

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we understand the power of the robust Atlassian suite. We also understand that most organizations also leverage an arsenal of other applications to meet business demands and the pace of the market. With our vast network of tooling partners, we focus on crafting solutions that enable tool-choice freedom for teams while eliminating the constraints and silos that result from sprawling technology.

Product Development

Get from idea to execution faster and with greater traceability: Aligning Product & Engineering Teams

Here’s one workflow, what will yours look like?


Integrate security early, often and throughout the development process: Aligning Security and Engineering teams

Here’s one workflow, what will yours look like?

Value Stream Intelligence

Establish a baseline for performance and track progress over time by aligning engineering data across the organization.

Here’s what it could look like

Work Management

Build a bridge between business and technical teams to organize, track, and manage work faster and smarter.

Here’s one workflow, what will yours look like?

IT Service Management

Align Service Desk Teams and IT Operations to improve the overall customer experience and maximize the value of IT.

Progressive Delivery

Attain faster, higher-quality rollouts and reduce the risk of incidents by aligning development, operations, QA, and Security teams

CI/CD Automation

Automate workflows and align Development and Operations teams by aligning tools for an efficient DevOps pipeline strategy.

Introducing: The Atlassian CI/CD Assist

Provides optimal CI/CD workflows for your organization based on 3 key outcomes:

  • Technology Waste Reduction
  • Process Waste Reduction
  • Modernization

We start with a high-level DevOps assessment, current and future state mapping and then create a backlog of work based on a priority rating scale and cost-saving analysis for both short-term wins and sustainable scale.

A tailored integration process to meet your specific requirements

Our experts help to align best practice operational workflows with and understanding of all the systems involved to identify the specific tasks, data, and functionalities you need to integrate. Working with your unique desired outcomes and requirements, we design an integration flow for short-term efficiency and long-term scale. Whether your integration customizes API endpoints, iPaas connectors, or is custom coded by our team, we iterate, monitor and maintain our work so your teams can do what they do best.

There is a right way to get work done.

The pieces need to align to complete the puzzle.

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