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Agile Management Tips

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Agile Management Tips

Learn more about agile management tips that apply to various agile roles across an organization, from Scrum Master to Program Manager, and more.

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Agile no Longer Works in a Silo

While many individuals – maybe even you – are more comfortable sticking to their personal set of preferences, skills, and expertise while on the job, this kind of silo-building mentality just doesn\'t play well in...

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How RAGE® and SAFe® Can Coexist

SAFe is a widely accepted formula for understanding and managing Agile development enterprise-wide. RAGE is Cprime\'s proprietary method for governing Agile enterprise-wide. Can these two mighty acronyms coexist in harmony in your organization? They certainly...

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Why Does Agile Fail?

We spend a lot of time discussing how and why Agile succeeds, and for good reason: in the right circumstances, with proper training and a supportive culture, Agile methodologies can do great things for teams...

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What is Your Organization’s Personality?

Just like every individual team member, manager, and executive in your company, the organization itself has a unique personality. Sometimes, in dealing with people, this overarching personality factor gets overlooked. But after over ten years...

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Are We Spending Agile Funds Correctly?

As more and more organizations adopt a SAFe-based top-down approach to scaled Agile, discussions about value streams and return on the Agile investment are becoming more commonplace. Many of the attendees we interacted with at...

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What Program Managers Need to Know About Team Augmentation

Based on our experience, 35% of organizations say that the lack of available personnel with the right skills is their top barrier to Agile adoption. That\'s an unfortunate but understandable statistic. It\'s understandable because no...

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How an Agile Coach Can Keep Your Project on Track

To understand the real value of an Agile coach , consider what a good, quality coach in the NFL does for his team. Although different personalities bring out different coaching strategies and expectations, when you...

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What Projects are Suitable for Agile?

Many Agile practitioners and advocates claim that Agile methodologies and tools improve the outcome of every project. Is this true? To address this matter scientifically, Dr. Kevin Thompson, Agile Project Lead at cPrime, ran an in-depth...

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Key Takeaways on Future of Agile from #Agile2014

Hearing more than 2000 developers, executives, managers, and consultants collaborate on all things Agile is an inspiring experience. It’s always a treat to be around experts in the space and partners like Atlassian who are...

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Top 4 Ways to Incorporate a Scrum Master Into Your Team

If you\'re moving toward Agile from a traditional project management background, one of the key roles you\'re going to want to fill early on is that of the Scrum Master. Hiring this individual – if...

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3 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process to Get the Optimal Agile Team

Optimizing your team dynamic is a huge benefit when your goal is agility. Having the right people filling the right roles on each team can mean the difference between success and failure, and can do...

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How to Refine Governance Practices Across Your Organization

As your Agile journey continues, you will likely see the need for strategic rules around your business decision-making processes, especially as your organization grows and the Agile transformation takes on more levels of the organization....

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