What Program Managers Need to Know About Team Augmentation

Based on our experience, 35% of organizations say that the lack of available personnel with the right skills is their top barrier to Agile adoption.

That’s an unfortunate but understandable statistic.

It’s understandable because no amount of quality Agile training, organizational buy-in, or enthusiastic leadership is going to make an Agile transformation a success if there simply aren’t people in place to carry out the necessary work on a day-to-day basis.

It’s unfortunate because it’s such an easy issue to resolve.

Avoiding “the warm body trap”

Resolving a personnel problem is not simply a matter of throwing people at the problem by hiring indiscriminately just to get a warm body in the seat.

As we discussed in this earlier post on resolving personnel problems, trying to solve personnel issues this way often results in more and worse problems than you had to start with. Adopting Agile with this approach can be costly, time-intensive, and destroy moral, just to name a few challenges.

Hiring and training for success

Hiring to fill roles in an Agile environment requires some very specific goals and guidelines.

The right individual will possess the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to hit the ground running as part of the team. While every new hire requires a certain amount of onboarding time, the right team members can help keep this period short, which is good for everyone involved. Sometimes, agile training and coaching will improve the efforts of existing team members even more.

Outsourcing the team augmentation process

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your team augmentation efforts result in maximum ROI is to outsource this important task to professionals who know the ins and outs of Agile adoption.

At cPrime, we’ve been handling Agile staffing needs for clients for over a decade. Our team augmentation servicesfocus on your organization’s success through a five-part needs assessment that results in choosing the perfect Agile professionals, including:

  • Determining Appropriate Manpower & Skills for Your Teams
  • Understanding Skill Requirements for Your Projects
  • Understanding Your Organizational Culture
  • Selecting from a Bench of Qualified Professionals
  • Reducing Your Risk for both Contract & Permanent Contracts

By approaching your staffing requirements in this way, we ensure that the new hire(s) you bring on possess the skills and experience necessary to help your team without slowing them down.

If you’d like to explore cPrime’s Agile professional staffing services, we’d love to hear from you.