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Agile Transformations

Enterprise Agile Transformations

Agile Governance Across the Project, Program and Portfolio.

At Cprime, we believe strongly in the value that Agile delivers. We can help you realize these benefits by guiding your team through the transition from SDLC to a scaled Agile framework (SAFe) and helpful processes, such as Scrum. We supply classroom training, customized workshops, and on-site mentoring to coach your team through the critical stages of your transition. Cprime’s Enterprise Transformation Program establishes organizational best practices for scaled Agile frameworks and other transformation methods, and we manage cultural change throughout the Project, Program and Portfolio levels of your organization. We work through your transformation with the Agility we preach – by treating your transformation as a Scrum project, we insure quick and measurable results and a sustainable scaled Agile framework for change. We believe Agile Transformations require a full organizational commitment and comes in level of maturity. We bring our clients to the next level with impactful implementation that bring the greatest result.

We have proven Success with the most complex Transformations

  • Scaled Agile Transformations
  • Pilot Transformations and Kick-offs
  • Integrated Engagements (Process & Technology)
  • Agile Centers of Excellence
  • Hybrid Projects and PMOs