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Agile Management Tips

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Agile Management Tips

Learn more about agile management tips that apply to various agile roles across an organization, from Scrum Master to Program Manager, and more.

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agile training

Use it or Lose it – Why Agile Training is so Important

To play soccer on the varsity team in High School, you had to be a pretty athletic teen. You had…

Agile Human Resources

3 Ways Agile is Impacting Human Resources

For an organization to effectively complete an Agile transformation, all departments need to be involved. And while the actual Agile…

scaled agile

How to Take Agile to the Program and Portfolio Levels of Your Organization

One of the most persistent myths haunting Agile transformations everywhere is that Agile doesn't scale. It's simply not true. Not…

agile collaboration

3 Ways for Agile Teams to Collaborate on the Program Level

Scaling Agile beyond the team level is a challenge for many organizations. While an individual team may have a nice,…

agile coaching

Three Ways Agile Coaching Makes You Look Smarter

Learning Agile terms, processes, and methodologies is one thing. Putting them into practice is quite another. Many times, teams or…

agile portfolio management

Cprime Portfolio Management Solution

C-Level Executives, PMO Directors, Product Managers, and others make critical decisions about where to invest an organization’s resources when developing…


“How Long Do We Let an Agile Team Under-Perform Before Moving Someone Out?”

This is a tough question for any product or project manager to answer. The key to making this decision wisely…

Portfolio Governance

How to Develop Your Own Recipe for Agile Governance

If you're not into cooking, you probably look at a recipe as a list of rules that are set in…

agile team culture

How to Match Culture and Drive With the Technical Requirements for Your Agile Project

Building a successful, productive, and happy Agile team requires a lot more than making sure every necessary task can be…

Agile Training

3 Signs You Should Invest in Agile Training

“You're doing Agile wrong!” If you hear this statement from an “expert”, that person is probably not completely familiar with…

Agile Management Tips

Improving Project Reporting with Cprime’s New Burn-up Chart Gadget for Jira

An Agile project is exciting by its very nature: you're jumping into the development process with both feet, working toward…


Ship-it Snippets: Awesome Teams with Jeff McKenna

What it takes to have an awesome team: What is an awesome team? How can we create an environment to…