How to Develop Your Own Recipe for Agile Governance

If you’re not into cooking, you probably look at a recipe as a list of rules that are set in stone, and God forbid you add an extra ¼ teaspoon of oregano.

But professional chefs look at recipes a lot differently.

To a pro, a recipe offers a general guideline for reaching the goal you’re hoping to achieve. Beyond that, everything is open to interpretation, adjustment, and enhancement based on a number of factors like:

• the chef’s personal tastes and experience

• the restaurant’s standard fare

• the individuals who are going to eat what’s being made

When it comes to achieving Agile success in your organization, it’s tempting to look for a list of rules, set in stone, that will take you from where you are now to full Agile integration and permanent Agile success. However, professionals realize that there are far too many factors involved in each unique organization’s Agile journey to successfully implement an exact ‘to-do’ list..

Similar to professional chefs, Agile pros continually fine-tune and make adjustments to make sure the organizational Agile journey is successful and sustainable. In fact, there is a recipe made just for Agile called RAGE (Recipe for Agile Governance in the Enterprise). RAGE starts with a base that can be tweaked with spices of ceremonies, artifacts, and metrics based on your organization’s palate.

What is RAGE?

Large enterprises cannot function without structure, but often that structure becomes ineffective and debilitating. RAGE provides a base recipe to optimize performance whether dealing with a specific department or a complex portfolio of projects. RAGE is also applicable to any process (i.e. Agile, Plan-Driven, Hybrid).

How Can You Use RAGE to Create Your Own Recipes?

Governance of Agile projects involves too many constantly changing factors to try and shoehorn one set of static rules into every project or portfolio.

1. Review this free white paper for a fascinating synthetic case study that makes creating your own recipes easy to understand: Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise.

2. Watch a webinar or sign up for an online training course: the RAGE Series.

3. Bring one of our “master chefs” into your organization to spice things up with a custom recipe: RAGE-based training and coaching options

We’re delighted to help in any way we can, so simply choose your preferred method, and we’ll be there to help you create your own recipes for Agile governance.