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Dojo Discovery Sprint

Author: Kevin Burns, DevJam Dojo Coach with help from the Thomson Reuters’ Litigation Analytics dojo team. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we saw an opportunity to improve our dojo experience for teams that want...

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There’s a Gap in Your Agile Methodology Part 2 – Creating the Product Backlog

In the previous blog, we addressed the fact that every agile methodology has a gap in defining the “product piece”, i.e. the secret sauce of figuring out where to invest, what to build, and how...

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There’s a Gap in Your Agile Methodology No One Talks About

Agile methodologies rock at outlining process and mechanics. We learn the rules, the ceremonies, and the boxes we need to check to obtain a predictable, repeatable process. Additionally, many methodologies these days (and the Xtreme...

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Webinar Recap: Continuous Product Learning – The Shift From Project to Product

Presentation Recording Presentation Transcript Myriam Hello to all on this Thursday and welcome to our webinar, Continuous Product Learning: The Shift from Project to Product. My name is Myriam Sanie and I\'m with the marketing...

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First Netflix or Bust? “Product” made all the difference

I hesitated as my mouth hung open a bit. A senior leader in a development organization had just asked, “Why is product important?” Why product? We’d been discussing an evolution in thinking in our industry...

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Test Driven Product: Applying Test Driven Thinking to the Product

  Presentation Transcript All right. Thanks very much for having me. So ... And you set things up nicely. My background is, as a programmer I spent most of the 90s building things. I certainly...

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