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Exploring the First Three Phases of Agile Maturity

Like a long and winding mountain road, the journey to agile maturity is neither fast nor straightforward. And if you…


Scrum vs Kanban: Which Should I Use?

When I am teaching Scrum courses, I often like to ask attendees: Is anyone using Kanban? More often than not,…

Tech Talent Shortage

How to Pursue IT Staff Augmentation Today

In a previous article, we discussed IT staff augmentation — what it is (and is not), the problems it can…

Tech Talent Shortage

Tech Team Augmentation — Why Consider it Right Now?

Traditionally, when an organization was growing or taking on a new project, and workforce expansion was necessary, the standard procedure…

Software Development

How to Build Fleet Management Software

In order to avoid any miscommunication with drivers, eliminate paperwork and properly organize, manage, and coordinate your vehicles you should integrate…


How to Implement SAFe for Very Large Projects

If you are thinking about applying SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), you probably already know that this is the most popular…


Which Prioritization Method is Right for Me?

Imagine this scenario: you’ve created your initial product backlog. The requirements on your backlog have been broken down just enough,…


Cprime named Top Selling Partner of 2022 by Tempo

Tempo software provides products for strategic roadmapping, time and capacity planning, and portfolio management. Cprime’s alliance with Tempo enables customers…


Answers to your burning DevOps Questions: Part 1

DevOps is hard. Our perspective at Cprime is that DevOps requires that we build our own story by using desired…


How Important is DevOps for Your Team and Organization?

In recent years, I’m sure you have heard a number of different definitions of the term DevOps, and you are…


What does a DevOps Engineer do?

In the past five years or so, I have seen a steady increase in job opportunities for a type of…

Patient Portal Software
Software Development

How to Create a Patient Portal Software for a Healthcare Company?

The patient portal software provides a reliable connection between patients and their healthcare providers based on web technologies. According to…