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WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Harnessing Atlassian’s Power Through Cloud Transformation and Adoption

Transitioning to Atlassian Cloud unlocks a new realm of possibilities. Organizations that have recently migrated to Cloud report a 47%…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

The Risks of Delaying Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian Server end-of-life is rapidly approaching and the race is on to get migrated to Atlassian Cloud (or, in some…

WebinarAtlassian Integrations

A Pre-flight Checklist for Moving Your CMDB onto Jira Service Management Cloud

With the current market emphasis on Atlassian Cloud migrations and Jira Service Management (JSM), we get you ready for take…


Let your Software Eat the World! Modern Software Development on the Cloud featuring Forrester®, AWS, & Cprime

The notion that “software is eating the world” is arguably more relevant these days than when it was originally coined…


Tips, Tricks, and Considerations on Your Atlassian Cloud Migration Journey

Atlassian continues to sharpen their focus as a cloud-first company by making bold changes to its self-managed offerings. Many organizations…


Atlassian Cloud Readiness for SMBs

If you're in a growing company using Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence, you should consider moving to the cloud…


Atlassian Platinum Panel Series Part 2

How to Scale and Adapt Your Atlassian Cloud with Jira Align Embracing Enterprise Agility is a top-of-mind initiative for many…


Atlassian Platinum Panel Series Part 1

Top Developments, Trends, and the Key to Success with Atlassian Cloud Many organizations are excited about Atlassian Cloud and the…


Are you Ready for Growth? Driving Success with Atlassian Cloud

The tremendous growth many small and medium-sized companies experience introduces its own challenges. How do you scale, meet compliance requirements,…

Case StudyAtlassian

Acoustic Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate to the Cloud

About Acoustic Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud and analytics provider. Acoustic supports more than 3,500 brands, including Fortune 500…

Case StudyAtlassian

QuinStreet Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate and Consolidate On-Prem Instances to the Cloud

About QuinStreet QuinStreet is an online performance marketing company providing technologies for businesses to identify their targeted audiences. This organization…

Case StudyCloud

Leveraging Information—Updating Infrastructure at a Medical and P&C Claims Processor

This medical claims management software developer wanted to increase organizational and DevOps efficiency around planning, quantifying, and tracking work at…


Infographic: Atlassian Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

Atlassian has set up Cloud subscribers for success with so many robust measures in place. But, all the high-quality tools…


Video: Atlassian Cloud Security

The Atlassian Cloud suite of collaborative tools is becoming the central nervous system for many organizations. Along with the multiple…


Successful Atlassian Cloud Migrations and Optimizations: Real Life Examples

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud is a strategic initiative for many organizations. Along with its multiple benefits, the migration and optimization…


Cloud vs. Server vs. Cloud – How Should You Run Atlassian?

Use this comparison chart to determine how you should run Atlassian:


How to Keep your Atlassian Cloud Secure

The Atlassian Cloud suite of collaborative tools is becoming the central nervous system for many organizations. Along with the multiple…

Laptop with cloud computing diagram show on hand. Cloud technology. Data storage. Networking and internet service concept.

Whitepaper: Your Quick Hit Guide to Atlassian Cloud Security

As you contemplate a move to Atlassian Cloud, no doubt security is top of mind. That’s not only understandable but…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Optimize Atlassian Cloud for your Business Process and Compliance Needs

The Atlassian Cloud offers a flexible platform that can be customized and optimized to meet your specific needs. In this…


The Mechanics of an Enterprise Atlassian Cloud Migration

In the first whitepaper in this two-part Cloud Migration series, we discussed the higher-level concepts behind migration. In this whitepaper,…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Migration Impact Analysis: Planning Your Journey to Atlassian Cloud

Are you a large enterprise considering migrating to Atlassian Cloud? In this webinar, you will learn about key considerations to…

Case StudyAtlassian

Cloud Migration Case Study

Watlow's Atlassian Suite on Cprime Managed Hosting (powered by AWS) The Benefits Flexibility to Meet Customer's Future Growth - With…

Case StudyAgile

Supporting an Urgent Migration to Cloud and Agile Transformation

This financial company wanted to improve the coordination of their work, help employees manage and release code in an organized…


3 War Stories from Failed Cloud Migrations

We are relentlessly hammered with the promise that the cloud is the future state of working - that it will…


Atlassian Cloud for Enterprise

These days, your organization is under increased and constant pressure to change, innovate and adapt to remain competitive. Your organization…


Setting Up Machines and Scripting for Terraform in Azure

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool. It is controlled through a simple command line interface. All the…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Atlassian Cloud Governance: What You Need And When You Need It

To manage your business in Atlassian Cloud, you need a robust governance framework to ensure your Atlassian Cloud ecosystem, integrations,…

Atlassian Cloud

A Practical Approach to Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud offers unparalleled performance, flexibility, and cost optimization, but understanding the intricacies involved in migrating can be daunting. Migration…


Stop Second-Guessing Your Move to Atlassian Cloud

Leverage Accelerated Innovation, Enhanced Security, Lower Costs, Streamlined Operations, and Maximum Flexibility While Solving Business Challenges Many companies are benefiting…


How to Optimize ITSM with Atlassian’s Jira Service Management in the Cloud

In this webinar, we will look at how Atlassian’s new Jira Service Management (the next generation of Jira Service Desk)…


Using Jira for Team Collaboration in AWS

In this workshop, you will experience managing a project for a small team in Jira. Even though you will be…


Demystifying Atlassian Cloud Tiers: How to Make the Optimal Choice for Your Organization

Many organizations migrate to the Cloud to simplify, but deciding which of the 3 options offered by Atlassian is best…


Extending and Improving Cloud Adoption

Surely, you’ve heard a lot about the cloud lately. An impressive variety of services are available, from storage, hosting, data…


Challenges to Cloud Don’t Need to Be Barriers

Migrations are never quite as easy as they sound. The migration to cloud will unveil a world of benefit, but…


Getting Started with AWS

For those who are new to the cloud, this one-hour webinar covers some cloud and AWS basic terminology, as well…

cloud migration planning

Cloud Strategy: Cloud Migration Planning

Learn how to design and execute a cloud migration plan, learn about the 4 cloud deployment models, cloud principles, and…


AWS Well-architected Review

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is quickly growing and continues to introduce so many new features that it becomes challenging just to…


Taking Your Platform Strategy to the Cloud: Smart Steps for Migrations

In this session recorded from Aperture 2020, Pavel Fomin, Director of Cloud Migrations, demystifies cloud strategy by helping attendees understand…


How to Leverage SAFe 5.0 for Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Have you incorporated Cloud strategy into your SAFe transformation yet? Does your organization truly have a strategy to integrate Cloud…


Drivers to Atlassian Cloud

This easy to digest infographic walks through the critical considerations when evaluating a migration to Atlassian Cloud. We showcase migration…


Are We Well Architected? Optimizing Your Cloud Architecture for Maximum Scalability, Reliability and Security

If your organization is anything like many of the companies we’ve been working with, chances are you’ve been busy migrating…

Case StudyAtlassian

Watlow Migration: Atlassian Cloud to AWS Hosting

Due to significant growth in Atlassian usage, Watlow's Atlassian Cloud-hosted instance ran up against storage and security limitations. With the…


Cprime Cloud vs. Public Cloud vs. On-prem

There are a lot of hosting options out there and at Cprime, we can optimize and support any method you…


Atlassian Data Center Benefits

Are you quickly scaling the use of your Atlassian tools? Not sure if Data Center is right for you? Check…


How to Optimize your DevOps Environment in the Cloud

Everyone knows about the "cloud", but what does it practically mean for teams managing applications like Jira, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Qtest,…


The Business Value of AWS

In this whitepaper, you’ll see how you can use AWS to adapt to a changing interconnected market, and take advantage…


AWS Security Best Practices

This whitepaper is intended for existing and potential customers who are designing the security infrastructure and configuration for applications running…


How AWS Pricing Works

WAmazon Web Services (AWS) helps you move faster, reduce IT costs, and attain global scale through a broad set of…


AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (Security Perspective)

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Adoption Framework1 (CAF) provides guidance for coordinating the different parts of organizations migrating to…


Total Cost of Ownership: Self Supported vs. Managed Atlassian Services

Many people are attracted to Atlassian products and Jira project management because of the seemingly low cost. But what happens…


Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud services platform that offers computing power, database storage, content delivery and tons…

Case StudyAtlassian

Company Spotlight: Making the Move From On-prem to AWS Cloud

For this rapidly expanding company, acquisitions and growth are the name of the game. The company onboards 250 new users…