Case Study

QuinStreet Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate and Consolidate On-Prem Instances to the Cloud

Company Details

Industry: Performance Marketing, Online Media

Company Size: 600 employees

Location: Foster City, CA

Cprime Services:

About QuinStreet

QuinStreet is an online performance marketing company providing technologies for businesses to identify their targeted audiences. This organization helps businesses target their would-be customer audiences by using its proprietary technologies and media reach to generate sales leads. As a sign of confidence in its quality, QuinStreet has adopted a pay-for-performance model of pricing. Founded in 1999, QuinStreet is headquartered in Foster City, California, with satellite offices worldwide and 500 employees.

The Challenge

In recent months, QuinStreet has experienced several long planned and unplanned outages due to security vulnerability patching and upgrades. These outages, combined with the rising costs of running Atlassian applications in their own data center while maintaining environments secured and up to date, have prompted QuinStreet to seek a migration to Atlassian Cloud.

The Solution

Consolidating multiple instances into one and migrating Atlassian applications to the cloud allowed QuinStreet to decommission several on-prem server and environments and reduce overall costs. Going to the SaaS solution also aligned with executive goals of moving enterprise applications to the cloud.

The Benefits


Consolidating multiple instances into one introduced significant savings in licensing costs. Additional cost savings were introduced due to decommission of the on-prem environments.

Administrative Overhead

After moving to Cloud, admins are focused on enabling users and ensuring the smooth operations of applications,
without having to constantly worry about downtime or the maintenance of on-prem infrastructure.

Security Concerns

Security concerns have been alleviated, there’s no longer any outages to patch operating system and remediate CVE
vulnerabilities. The team can now focus on high-value activities.

About Cprime and AWS

Cprime is a strategic consulting company specializing in Agile and Devops transformations. Cprime differentiates itself as they only company in the world with the following partnerships – SAFe Gold SPCT Partner (Agile), Atlassian Platinum Partner (Devops) and AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner (Cloud) – designations no other firm in the world holds.

Cprime participates in the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, AWS Solution Provider Program and AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. In addition, Cprime has achieved its AWS Devops Competency and is pursuing a Migration Competency, while actively delivering services to customers.

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