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Case Study

Acoustic Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate to the Cloud

Company Details

Industry: Marketing Automation Software

Company Size: 900 Employees

Location: Atlanta, GA

Cprime Services:

About Acoustic

Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud and analytics provider. Acoustic supports more than 3,500 brands, including Fortune 500 companies, providing digital marketing, marketing analytics, content management, personalization, mobile marketing, and marketing automation solutions.

The Challenge

Due to significant growth in Atlassian usage, Acoustic has experienced frequent space and storage issues as their self-managed instance reached its limits. Acoustic wished to reduce the overall level of effort for maintenance and administrative support.

The Solution

Acoustic migrated to the Atlassian Cloud and now can scale as needed at an overall lower administrative and infrastructure costs.

The Benefits

Availability & Scalability

Running on Atlassian Cloud allowed Acoustic to scale their applications to adjust for the rapid growth without
lifting a finger.

Administrative Support

Reducing the need for administrative support allowed Acoustic’s application admins to focus their time on more
high-value activities.


The total cost of ownership for the Atlassian tools was reduced by over 50%, when taking into an account the original infrastructure cost, infrastructure support costs, and maintenance downtime maintenance downtime.

About Cprime and AWS

Cprime is a strategic consulting company specializing in Agile and Devops transformations. Cprime differentiates itself as they only company in the world with the following partnerships – SAFe Gold SPCT Partner (Agile), Atlassian Platinum Partner (Devops) and AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner (Cloud) – designations no other firm in the world holds.

Cprime participates in the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, AWS Solution Provider Program and AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. In addition, Cprime has achieved its AWS Devops Competency and is pursuing a Migration Competency, while actively delivering services to customers.

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