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Achieving Sustainable Growth in the Digital Age

Achieving Sustainable Growth in the Digital Age

Aligning Customer Value, Iterative Product Delivery, and Financial Performance

Organizations must continuously evolve and adapt to market changes and their customers’ ever-changing needs to stay relevant and thrive in this digital age. Leaders recognize that they can only do this through digital transformation, leveraging digital technology, agile best practices, relentless automation, and the ability to maximize the use of data to create meaningful strategies.

Join us as Luke Hohmann, Chief Innovation Officer at Applied Frameworks and author of “Software Profit Streams™: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business,” and Konstantin Popov, VP of ETFM at Cprime, discuss how organizations can achieve sustainable profitability in the digital age. They will discuss how capacity-based value streams aligned with incremental product delivery can make customer value more transparent and better tie costs to value delivered, enabling companies to control costs while increasing value. Hohmann and Popov will stress the importance of looking beyond traditional metrics to understand how customer value, product releases, and pricing impact revenue, profit, and enterprise value.

Key Learnings:

  1. Discover strategies for successfully navigating the digital landscape by leveraging innovative tools, methodologies, and data analytics to maintain a competitive edge.
  2. Learn how aligning resource allocation with iterative product delivery can enhance the visibility of customer value and establish a clear link between expenses and value generation.
  3. Gain insights into the significance of evaluating non-traditional performance indicators to comprehend the intricate relationships between customer perceived worth, product launch strategies, and financial outcomes for sound business choices.


Luke Hohmann
Chief Innovation Officer
Applied Frameworks
Konstantin Popov
VP, Enterprise Technology &
Financial Management
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