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Management & Leadership

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Management & Leadership
The Effective Leadership Checklist

Leadership requires a lot of careful planning and decision making. That’s what makes it both challenging and rewarding. But, when…

Business Agility
WhitepaperFive Keys to Strategic Alignment and Enterprise Agility Using OKRs

One of the most critical aspects of enterprise agility is alignment. If an organization is not strategically aligned at all…

Management & Leadership
WhitepaperEffective Business Leadership Solutions to Common Boss Challenges

Business leadership is a subject that’s been studied, explored, and reimagined endlessly over the years. It's likely that you've seen…

Management & Leadership
WebinarImplement OKRs for Breakthrough Performance

In partnership with: Successful strategy doesn’t come from defining a great strategy, it comes from deploying and executing a great…

Management & Leadership
WebinarWomen in Leadership & Technology: Elevate with Grit Panel Series (Episode 3)

Hear from women in the workforce as they share obstacles to overcome and lessons learned from climbing the career ladder…

Management & Leadership
The Top 6 Reasons Digital Transformation Fails

It is well documented that the odds of a successful digital transformation are stacked against us. This infographic lays out…

WhitepaperBuilding a Learning and Development Strategy for an Agile Organization

As the business landscape has changed over the past few years, learning and development (L&D) has grown into a massive…

WebinarThe Horizontal Thinkers Roundtable: Chief Strategy Officer Edition

This webinar, hosted by Gtmhub, gathered horizontally-minded strategists together to discuss challenges around alignment, cross-functional collaboration, and effective strategy-execution. Enterprise…

WebinarUnderstanding Agile Culture Globally

In this panel discussion, we aim to understand more about the mindset of different cultures around the world adopting agile,…

Building Adaptable Teams the Marine Core Way

In this video, Anne Steiner shares characteristics of the United States Marine Core that can be applied to professional teams…

Management & Leadership
WebinarLeading Remote Teams in Times of Stress: Strategies for Productivity, Sanity and Connectedness in the New Normal

Going remote is always difficult, but doing it in the current environment makes it a much greater challenge. The good…

WebinarThink Agility – Empowering Your Remote Workforce: A Cprime Panel

Join Stedman Ng (SVP of Cloud Enablement), Ken France (VP of Scaled Agility), Anne Steiner (VP of Product Agility), Brandon…

WebinarEssential Patterns of Mature Agile Leaders

In this webinar we’ll explore the patterns of mature agile managers and leaders. Those that understand Servant Leadership and how…

WebinarEssential Patterns of Mature Agile Leaders

Currently so much of agile adoption—coaching, advice, techniques, training and even the empathy revolve around the agile teams. Leaders are…

Agile Roles
WebinarMy Role as an Agile Manager

When software development teams move to Agile methods, managers often wonder what their new roles and responsibilities will entail within…