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WebinarAgile Methodologies

A Peek Inside Agile: Scrum and Kanban

How to Incorporate Scrum & Kanban into your overall strategy What have you heard about Agile? Trying to decide if…

Case StudyAgile

Agile Transformation: Wiredrive Takes the Plunge from Waterfall to Scrum

Wiredrive needed to resolve competing business focuses and their traditional "waterfall" created inefficiencies. Cprime consultants and trainers helped them with…

TemplateAgile Roles

Scrum Product Owner Role Cheat Sheet

Learn Your Daily Tasks as a Scrum Product Owner The Product Owner Cheat Sheet was created by our Sr. Scrum…

TemplateAgile Roles

Scrum Team Role Cheat Sheet

Learn Your Daily Tasks as a Scrum Team Member The Scrum Team Role Cheat Sheet was created by our Sr.…

TemplateAgile Roles

ScrumMaster Role Cheat Sheet

Learn Your Daily Tasks as a ScrumMaster The Scrum Master Cheat Sheet was created by our Sr. Scrum Coach, Kevin…


Validating Monitoring Performance Metrics in Agile

Evaluate agile performance metrics & understand the benefits Many firms that have been doing agile can not determine how or…

WebinarAgile Methodologies

What You Can Do With Kanban

What Kanban is, where its appropriate, how it compares with other Agile processes. Kanban is a lightweight, lean agile process…


When Scrum Isn’t Agile Enough

Article from Cprime's Agile Coach, Jeff Howey, on matters of Scrum and Agile I’ve rarely run into scenarios where a…

TemplateProject Management

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Experience Worksheet

Take control of your requirements and allocate your functional experience. The PMP® Application Process can be a very confusing process…

TemplateProject Management


PMP FAQ: How-to Guide for Applying for Your PMP We receive many calls and emails about what steps are necessary…

TemplateProject Management

Project Status Template

Download our free Project Status Report template Status reporting is critical for communicating project progress, decsisions, and issues to stakeholders…


Scrum Cheat Sheet

Description This is a great reference sheet to have on hand when thinking about Scrum or studying for the Certified…


Rapid Estimation/Planning Poker

Rapid Estimation for Agile and Conventional Projects The ability to estimate time and effort is critical for any project. The…


Scrum in the Enterprise: Common Issues

Free Scrum White Paper. Download Today! "Scrum in the Enterprise" is a white paper written by Kevin Thompson, one of…


Scrum Guide

Scrum has been used to develop complex products since the early 1990s. This paper describes how to use Scrum to…


Managing Distributed Teams

Earn 1 PDU Transitioning to Scrum is not easy, and for many, distributed teams are the most difficult to manage.…


How Agile should your Project be? A Mathematician Derives the Answer

Abstract Advocates of agile development claim that agile software projects succeed more often than classic plan-driven projects. Unfortunately, attempts to…


Cumulative Flow Diagram (Burnup Chart)

Scrum Tools Much as a Burndown Chart shows work remaining, a Burnup Chart or Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) shows work…


Agile Encyclopedia

The intention of compiling this Encyclopedia of Agile was to create a document that can be used both as an…


Continuous Integration and Release Maturity Model

Curious about Continuous Integration? Earn 1 PDU! Continuous Integration (CI), which is a big part of continuous delivery, is the…


Scrum FAQ

The everything you need to know guide! Scrum differs from traditional "waterfall" approaches to project management in many ways, but…


Agile Scrum Terms and Glossary

Download our Scrum & Agile Glossary for over 60 terms and definitions to help you grasp concepts of the Agile…

WhitepaperScaling Agile

Agile PMO

Download the Agile PMO WhitePaper Learn How Enterprise Companies Adopt Agile at the Portfolio, Program & Project Management. Abstract: The…


Agile Team Scrum Velocity Template

Improve Your Agile Team's Sprint Estimation and Organization. The amount of work an Agile Team can perform in a Sprint…


Burndown Chart Template

Scrum Tools At the start of a Sprint, the team breaks down each item in the Sprint backlog into a…


The Price of Uncertainty

The Price of Uncertainty: All estimates are subject to uncertainty, and project schedules are no exception. A schedule consists of…