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SAFe® Transformation with Cprime: Tools to Consider Before You Start

How to embrace the disruption that SAFe® Transformation brings to your teams and create a sustainable enterprise-wide value? The decision…

Case StudyAgile Adoption

Transforming a Major Diagnostic Imaging Device Manufacturer with Cprime and SAFe© Agile

With teams on multiple continents struggling to predictably deliver a complex product, this top medical imaging manufacturer turned to Cprime…

Case StudyAgile Adoption

Onboarding Agile: Streamlining the Annual Technical Talent Intake Process at a Global Investment Institution with Cprime

This major international financial institution had a global challenge — getting their talented new hires up to speed quickly across…

Case StudyAgile

Partnering for Success—Fostering A New Way of Working at a Global Insurance Provider

Headquartered in London and Newark, NJ, with subsidiaries and offices in over 40 countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and…

Case StudyAgile Adoption

Food and Beverage Producer Brings Product Agility to Consumer Products With Stellar Results

Few industries can match the competitive nature of nondurable consumer goods. Even long-time international leaders must continually innovate and streamline…

Case StudyAgile

Evolving to Agile: Software Company Improves Organizational Efficiency with Cprime

A Time for Change—Identifying Impediments With a client list of over 1 million users, staying ahead of the curve is…

Case StudyAgile

Taking Agile to the Bank—Accelerating Software Deployment by 8,900%

Banking is a highly regulated and service-intensive industry. Behind the scenes, every bank depends on continuously developing and improving its…


Agile Space

Welcome to mission control for Agile Space - a beginners guide brought to you by Mural and Cprime Get the…

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation Capabilities Guide

Our Agile transformation solutions are designed to ensure the successful implementation and utilization of Agile methodologies. This guide walks you…

Case StudyAgile

Agile Transformation for Fortune 500 Transportation Company

After being a strictly Waterfall organization for decades, a Fortune 500 Transportation organization decided it was time to implement Agile.…