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Agile Transformation for Fortune 500 Transportation Company

Agile Transformation for Fortune 500 Transportation Company

Highlighted Results for the Agile Transformation Case Study:

  • Reduction in turnover of development staff by 25% from the previous year
  • Implementation of new Quality Assurance tools which reduced defects in production by 82% over the previous year’s metrics
  • Successful release of one product on time and two products earlier than originally anticipated by using the Agile methods, which increased forecasted revenue by approximately $4M.
  • Training and development of internal, full time employee Agile coaches


In this DevOps transformation case study, you will understand the journey from Waterfall to Agile.

After being a strictly Waterfall organization for decades, a Fortune 500 Transportation organization decided it was time to implement Agile. Following the Waterfall model, requirements gathering would occur at the beginning of a large project, and by the time execution and delivery took place, sometimes 6-7 months later, they no longer aligned with the wants and needs of stakeholders. These long, complex, projects, and the inability to switch gears easily and manage interruptions, resulted in a system that was inefficient and unproductive. Because of their methods, projects were taking longer than expected and the Fortune 500 Transportation organization was in desperate need of a solution.


To initially create awareness around Agile within the organization, Cprime started with private, onsite deliveries of Agile Boot Camp and Agile Executive Workshop for select employees. Although these courses were a great way to get the teams excited initially, they quickly realized a need for additional solutions in order to create more alignment around an Agile Transformation. To help pinpoint areas that needed improvement, Cprime performed an Assessment of the organization’s current Agile practices by bringing in a subject-matter-expert for two days to conduct interviews and observe the current teams and processes. After completing the Assessment, Cprime designed a solution to help them reach their business goal, which was then presented to the organization’s executive management team. Based on the results of the Assessment and deliberation from the executive management team, it was determined that Cprime would provide one Agile coach over the course of 3 months, as well as conduct 7 to 10 training courses throughout the process whenever deemed necessary.

Download the Agile transformation case study today to learn more about the results.

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