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Case StudyAgile Hardware

A Lean-Agile Practice Accelerates Progress in this Luxury Auto Maker’s EV Production Facility

This leading British car maker saw the need for faster time-to-market and smoother collaboration between UK and China teams as…

WebinarAgile Hardware

How to Mitigate the Risks of “Push to Get Things Done” with Agile Hardware Development

Often we hear about the rising cost of fixing software bugs. In the world of hardware, however, the cost is…

Case StudyAgile Hardware

Scrum for Hardware: A Groundbreaking Experiment at Thermo Fisher Scientific Shows Promise

The world’s largest maker of analytical, diagnostic and laboratory equipment was looking to try Scrum in a hardware environment, something…


Introduction to Agile for Hardware

Typically, changes in hardware development come at a higher cost; luckily the benefits of Agile are not only achieved through…

Case StudyAgile

Plantronics Applies Agile for R&D Teams: Agile for Hardware Case Study

With the shifting deadlines, changing priorities, and engineering unknowns that are common to any R&D department, a standardized but flexible…


Agile Vox: Scrum for Hardware?

This article was released in the Scrum Alliance's very first edition of Agile Vox Magazine, and is based on Cprime's…


11 Lessons Learned from Agile Hardware Development

Abstract A previous paper by the author, Agile Processes for Hardware Development, argued that a Scrum process should be effective…


Agile Processes for Hardware Development

  Hardware and software development are quite different, in terms of the concrete developmental activities. Thus it might seem that…

Case StudyAgile

Tech Firm Adopts Agile for a Better Customer Support Portal

One of the main issues that the CSP team wanted addressed with their move to Agile was delivering to their…