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Product Management

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Atlassian Tools
WebinarHow to Maximize Design Thinking and Customer Centricity with SAFe 5.0 and Atlassian Jira Align

A common question when looking at the SAFe Big Picture has been “Where’s the Customer?” and until now, the Customer…

Agile Metrics
WebinarMetrics that Matter in the Boardroom

Metrics-driven goals are fundamental to building great products. While data, KPIs and OKRs have an impact on most jobs, it…

Product Management
WebinarDojo Virtual Tour – Enhanced Learning for Successful Transformation

The Dojo model provides an immersive learning experience that can help teams internalize training, improve skills and create new productive…

Agile Roles
Tool/TemplateThe Product Manager’s Guide to Remote Delivery

What do Product Managers need to do to adapt to a remote, virtual environment and remain high functioning? Stay flexible…

Product Management
Tool/TemplateVirtual White Boarding Example

Post-it notes, dry erase markers, and white boards are the dearly loved tools of our trade. However, do not fear.…

WebinarCutting an Agile Groove Video Series

Whether you are new to agile methods, or just tired of the same old Scrum talk, this series will help…

WebinarDojo or Bust? The Next Wave of Immersive Learning

Dojos are the darling of technical learning and organizational transformation these days, but are they all they’re cracked up to…

WebinarProduct Agility and Jira Align

Do you find yourself inundated with product requests coming from all over the place? Are they coming in through email,…

WebinarProject to Product: Unlocking Product Agility

Adherence to time, budget, and scope has been the gold standard measure of project success since the beginning of time.…

Business Agility
WebinarProduct Management or the Intricate Art of Getting (the Right) Things Done

Being a product manager is a rewarding yet challenging gig. Balancing product strategies with financial realities, strategic thinking with tactical…

Product Management
WebinarThe Gaps in Your Agile Methodology No One Talks About (Part 1-3)

Three Part Webinar Series: The Gaps in Your Agile Methodology No One Talks About For the last 20+ years we’ve…

Product Management
WebinarManaging your Product Backlog

The Gaps in Your Agile Methodology - Part 3 (Managing your Product Backlog) Is the sprint-to-sprint grind of having to…

Business Agility
WebinarGetting from an Idea to Actionable Backlog

The Gaps in Your Agile Methodology No One Talks About - Part 2 Where Do Stories Come From? So, your…

Product Management
WebinarContinuous Product Learning

The need to adjust to market shifts, customer demands, and increasing technical complexity is stressing many companies’ project-based delivery models.…

WebinarLeveraging Atlassian to Craft the Best Products – Turning Product Management Theory Into Practice

Leveraging Atlassian to Craft the Best Products – Turning Product Management Theory Into Practice