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WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Harnessing Atlassian’s Power Through Cloud Transformation and Adoption

Transitioning to Atlassian Cloud unlocks a new realm of possibilities. Organizations that have recently migrated to Cloud report a 47%…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Enterprise Migration from Data Center to Atlassian Cloud: Start with an Assessment

Large enterprises have unique needs and complexity when migrating Atlassian tools from Data Center to the Cloud. Whether you're exploring…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

The Risks of Delaying Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian Server end-of-life is rapidly approaching and the race is on to get migrated to Atlassian Cloud (or, in some…

WhitepaperAtlassian Migrations

Atlassian Migrations Solutions Guide

Looking to migrate your Atlassian tech stack? Cprime offers comprehensive solutions for Atlassian migrations, assisting organizations in smoothly transitioning their…

Case StudyAtlassian

Atlassian Cloud Migration Case Study – Business Value Derived by Georgia United Credit Union

  About Georgia United Credit Union (GUCU) Georgia United is one of the largest and strongest credit unions in Georgia.…

Case StudyAtlassian Migrations

Collaboration: The Key to a Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration at Croesus

Croesus leveraged on-premise server-based instances of Jira and Confluence and saw the need for a change. They reached out for…

Case StudyAtlassian

Acoustic Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate to the Cloud

About Acoustic Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud and analytics provider. Acoustic supports more than 3,500 brands, including Fortune 500…

Case StudyAtlassian

QuinStreet Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate and Consolidate On-Prem Instances to the Cloud

About QuinStreet QuinStreet is an online performance marketing company providing technologies for businesses to identify their targeted audiences. This organization…


Successful Atlassian Cloud Migrations and Optimizations: Real Life Examples

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud is a strategic initiative for many organizations. Along with its multiple benefits, the migration and optimization…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Optimize Atlassian Cloud for your Business Process and Compliance Needs

The Atlassian Cloud offers a flexible platform that can be customized and optimized to meet your specific needs. In this…


The Mechanics of an Enterprise Atlassian Cloud Migration

In the first whitepaper in this two-part Cloud Migration series, we discussed the higher-level concepts behind migration. In this whitepaper,…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Migration Impact Analysis: Planning Your Journey to Atlassian Cloud

Are you a large enterprise considering migrating to Atlassian Cloud? In this webinar, you will learn about key considerations to…

Case StudyAtlassian Migrations

Jira Migration: A Utility Company’s Journey to Jira

This company needed to streamline the efforts of the 150-person DevOps teams responsible for the organization’s websites, payment portals, and…

Case StudyAtlassian

Cloud Migration Case Study

Watlow's Atlassian Suite on Cprime Managed Hosting (powered by AWS) The Benefits Flexibility to Meet Customer's Future Growth - With…

Case StudyAtlassian Migrations

Complex Slack Consolidation Strengthens Organizational Structure and Culture

After acquiring multiple companies, the organization needed help consolidating four Slack Workspaces into one. Each work space had been working…


Top 5 Reasons to Migrate from Rally Software to Jira/Jira Align

While Rally Software is a widely used, powerful agile project, program, and portfolio management tool, many users find that their…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Atlassian Cloud Governance: What You Need And When You Need It

To manage your business in Atlassian Cloud, you need a robust governance framework to ensure your Atlassian Cloud ecosystem, integrations,…

Atlassian Cloud

A Practical Approach to Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud offers unparalleled performance, flexibility, and cost optimization, but understanding the intricacies involved in migrating can be daunting. Migration…


Demystifying Atlassian Cloud Tiers: How to Make the Optimal Choice for Your Organization

Many organizations migrate to the Cloud to simplify, but deciding which of the 3 options offered by Atlassian is best…


Top 5 Atlassian Cloud Migration Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Migrating the Atlassian tool suite to the cloud is currently a top-of-mind initiative for many organizations who seek to benefit…

Case StudyAtlassian Migrations

Case Study: Jira Cloud Implementation and Custom Workflows at Kairos Aerospace

Need for an internal system that could effectively track all ongoing issues and give the team insight into potential future…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

What to Expect From your Atlassian Migration: 2 Minute Walkthrough

Need to migrate legacy systems, consolidate your instance, move to cloud or integrate disparate systems? Learn our six step system…


Scaling on Atlassian: Avoiding the 5 Top Pitfalls when Migrating from a Legacy System

New emerging platforms and technologies like “Atlassian” have caused us to revisit the many different software vendors that provide short…


Migration Questionnaire

Are you looking to take on a software migration? You definitely came to the right place. Here is a sample…

The Trade Desk inc.
Case StudyAtlassian

Optimized Customer Service migrating from ServiceNow to Jira Service Desk

For Client Services at The Trade Desk, their issues were critical: slow workflows and process management could not keep up…