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Atlassian Cloud Migration Case Study – Business Value Derived by Georgia United Credit Union

Atlassian Cloud Migration Case Study – Business Value Derived by Georgia United Credit Union


About Georgia United Credit Union (GUCU)

Georgia United is one of the largest and strongest credit unions in Georgia. They serve over 150,000 members with innovative digital banking solutions, full-service branches, and 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the globe. They provide “banking experiences that allow you to live your best life.”

The Challenge

Georgia United Credit Union (GUCU) had resource constraints and limited experience in migrating Atlassian applications from Server to the Atlassian Cloud. The complexity of their Jira Service Management instances and related integrations made it critical that the migration was executed meticulously. Additionally, being a nationally regulated financial firm, many security protocols had to be adhered to and met from end to end.

The Solution

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud would allow Georgia United Credit Union to deprecate their existing infrastructure and mitigate the related security risks and concerns. Additional cost savings would be realized, as there would be no infrastructure or support costs in Atlassian Cloud.

The Benefits

Financial Impact

GUCU realized significant TCO reduction by going to Atlassian Cloud. As a result of the migration, on-prem infrastructure was decommissioned, and the engineers supporting it were freed up to do other high-value activities.

Security Risks

Security concerns have been alleviated by migrating to Atlassian Cloud; there are no longer any outages to patch operating systems and remediated CVE vulnerabilities, keeping the company and its data more secure.

Latest & Greatest

Once in Atlassian Cloud, all upgrades happen behind the scenes with no need for GUCU to involve technical resources to plan and perform the upgrades, or coordinate the downtime with the rest of the company.

About Cprime and AWS

Cprime is a strategic consulting company specializing in Agile and DevOps transformations. Cprime holds the following partnerships—SAFe® Gold Partner (Agile), Atlassian Platinum Partner (DevOps), and AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner (Cloud)—a claim no other firm in the world can make.

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