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Remote Business Analyst
WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Remote Business Analyst Guide: Collaboration Techniques in a Virtual World

How digital adoption of analog techniques kept business analysts productive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic Two of the business…

Business Analyst
WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Business Analysis Capabilities Guide

Cprime's comprehensive Business Analysis Capabilities Guide is designed to arm business analysts at all levels with the critical skills necessary to…

Case StudyBusiness Analysis

The Allscripts “Business Analysis (BA) Academy”

Allscripts' Business Analysis had all the right tools and processes but they were not aligned to the each other resulting…

Business Analysts in SAFe
WebinarBusiness Analysis

Where Do Business Analysts Fit into the Scaled Agile Framework?

For many years, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) has been a leading scaling methodology for large enterprises wanting to apply…

WebinarBusiness Analysis

Rethinking BPMN Part 3: The Business Rule Task and DMN

In the first webinar of the "Rethinking BPMN" series, we talked about what GOOD Process Models are. In the second…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Identifying Project Stakeholders and Personas

Whatever the project justification and the goal, many things need to be done to ensure success. As Business Analysts, we…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Creating and Using in Personas

Why They Are Important to Business Analysts Regardless of the Approach Personas are one method to better understand what needs…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Advice for New Business Analysts

This whitepaper provides invaluable advice for anyone who is new, or sort of new, to the Business Analyst career. Anyone…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

10 Steps to Become a Data Scientist

Every day, there is more and more news confirming that data science is one of the fastest growing job markets. The…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Rethinking BPMN (Part 1): How to Build GOOD Process Models Using BPMN

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) has become the ‘de facto’ standard for modeling business processes. BPMN’s main goal is…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Problem Solving Techniques: Key Skills for BAs

Requirements elicitation happens at the beginning of a project, making it a critical phase that will make or break the…

WhitepaperBusiness Analysis

Rethinking BPMN (Part 2): The Process to Model Processes

In our last whitepaper (Rethinking BPMN (Part 1): What is a GOOD Process Model), we discussed what makes a process…