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Business Agility
WhitepaperFive Keys to Strategic Alignment and Enterprise Agility Using OKRs

One of the most critical aspects of enterprise agility is alignment. If an organization is not strategically aligned at all…

Business Agility
WebinarThe Top 5 Challenges Product Faces With Jira

See how Product and Engineering teams are solving the "What, Why, & How" by using Productboard and Jira. Productboard expert…

Business Agility
WebinarPrepare and Roadmap: Enterprise Agility for Financial Services Organizations

This webinar explores ways to align everyone to a common set of goals for an Agility journey as well as…

Business Agility
WebinarFireside Chat with Healthfirst CIO, G.T. Sweeney

In this closing keynote from Cprime Aperture 2020, G.T. Sweeney, CIO of Healthfirst, chats with Enterprise Agile Consultant Dan Teixeira…

WebinarGetting to Market Value by Design: How to Leverage Product Agility Thinking & Atlassian Jira Align

In this session from Aperture 2020, Devin Anderson, Strategic Product Coach, and Jesse Pearlman, Business Agility Consultant, explain how businesses…

Atlassian Tools
WebinarHow to Maximize Design Thinking and Customer Centricity with SAFe 5.0 and Atlassian Jira Align

A common question when looking at the SAFe Big Picture has been “Where’s the Customer?” and until now, the Customer…

WebinarThe Secrets to Real World Business Agility

The current definition of Business Agility is as nebulous as DevOps was only a few years ago. Some schools of…

Business Agility
WebinarProduct Management or the Intricate Art of Getting (the Right) Things Done

Being a product manager is a rewarding yet challenging gig. Balancing product strategies with financial realities, strategic thinking with tactical…

WhitepaperSolutions for Agile Governance in the Enterprise (Sage)

Agile Project, Program, and Portfolio Management for Development of Hardware and Software Products Solutions for Agile Governance in the Enterprise…

Business Agility
WebinarGetting from an Idea to Actionable Backlog

The Gaps in Your Agile Methodology No One Talks About - Part 2 Where Do Stories Come From? So, your…