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Whitepaper: ART Metrics

A Train Leaves the City Traveling at 65 Miles Per Hour… An Argument for Baseline ART-Level Metrics That Actually Prove…

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Metrics that Matter in the Boardroom

Metrics-driven goals are fundamental to building great products. While data, KPIs and OKRs have an impact on most jobs, it…

WebinarAgile Metrics

Harness the Power of Atlassian Jira Align Reports for Enterprise Agility

With Atlassian Jira Align, organizations can effectively scale an organization’s agile practice from the individual development teams to the enterprise…


Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments: Addressing the Challenges of Compliance with Applied SAFe

Engineering tomorrow’s products means keeping ahead and staying relevant in a constantly and rapidly changing environment.   A core characteristic…

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DevOps Metrics to Monitor Software Delivery

DevOps solutions for business agility and cloud computing are tying together increasingly complex tools, environments and solutions that can be…


Aligning Portfolio Management Reporting and Tracking

It is common for organizations that are in the midst of an agile transformation to struggle with trying to reconcile…

WhitepaperAgile Metrics

2017 State of DevOps Report

Today, DevOps is an understood set of practices and cultural values that has been proven to help organizations of all…


Validating Monitoring Performance Metrics in Agile

Evaluate agile performance metrics & understand the benefits Many firms that have been doing agile can not determine how or…


Agile Team Scrum Velocity Template

Improve Your Agile Team's Sprint Estimation and Organization. The amount of work an Agile Team can perform in a Sprint…


Burndown Chart Template

Scrum Tools At the start of a Sprint, the team breaks down each item in the Sprint backlog into a…


Cumulative Flow Diagram (Burnup Chart)

Scrum Tools Much as a Burndown Chart shows work remaining, a Burnup Chart or Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) shows work…