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Case StudySAFe

Revitalizing Scaled Agility for a Leading Technology Company

An international telecommunications tech enterprise faced hurdles with their Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) deployment, impeding optimal software development across their…

Case StudyAgile Transformation

A Leading Pharmaceutical Company Works With Cprime to Nearly Double Speed and Efficiency, Saving Billions

One of the company’s software development teams had been exploring better ways of working for some time in conjunction with…

Case StudySAFe

A Leading Pharmaceutical Company Pursues Scaled Agile Excellence with the Help of Cprime

The life sciences leader’s R&D division had already been applying Agile principles to their workflow for some time, and had…


SAFe® Transformation with Cprime: Tools to Consider Before You Start

How to embrace the disruption that SAFe® Transformation brings to your teams and create a sustainable enterprise-wide value? The decision…

Case StudyAgile

The Evolution of an Agile Energy Industry Leader

This energy industry leader was looking for assistance successfully adopting Scaled Agile and Lean Portfolio management practices. They faced challenges…

WebinarBusiness Agility

Prepare and Roadmap: Enterprise Agility for Financial Services Organizations

This webinar explores ways to align everyone to a common set of goals for an Agility journey as well as…


3rd Annual Agile at Scale Report 2020

The 2020 Agile at Scale Survey provided us, once again, some valuable and interesting insights into the state of our…

WebinarAtlassian Tools

How to Scale Agile with Atlassian Jira (Part II)

In Part I of this series we focus on some of the key technical challenges that come with using Jira.…


How to Scale Agile with Atlassian Jira (Part I)

Using Jira to implement SAFe® (or any other form of Scaled Agile framework) can be challenging. It's more than just…


Real-Time Enterprise Reporting in Jira Align for Optimized Decision Making

In this demo from Aperture 2020, Solutions Engineer Sneha Crews shows how Jira Align helps the enterprise through strategic alignment…


Laying a Jira Foundation to Support Scaled Transformation

In this session from Aperture 2020 with Solutions Architect Lisa Barton, uncover the necessary bases to support a successful SAFe…


Getting to Market Value by Design: How to Leverage Product Agility Thinking & Atlassian Jira Align

In this session from Aperture 2020, Devin Anderson, Strategic Product Coach, and Jesse Pearlman, Business Agility Consultant, explain how businesses…


The Engaged Enterprise’s Guide to Scaling with Jira Align: Part 2 (Scaling from the Top Down)

In this two-part series of white papers, we’re exploring how organizations can scale Agile most effectively. It requires both a…

WebinarAgile Metrics

Harness the Power of Atlassian Jira Align Reports for Enterprise Agility

With Atlassian Jira Align, organizations can effectively scale an organization’s agile practice from the individual development teams to the enterprise…


Virtual PI Planning in 4 Days

Have you suddenly found yourself in a 100% remote organization? Not to fear, Cprime has forged a fool-proof virtual strategy…


The Engaged Enterprise’s Guide to Scaling Agile with Jira Align – Part 1

Scaling from the Bottom Up In this white paper we’re going to dive deep into how organizations can scale Agile…

compliance and governance with SAFe

Achieving Better Regulatory Compliance and Governance with Scaled Agility (SAFe)

Engineering tomorrow’s products mean staying ahead and relevant in a constantly changing environment. A core characteristic of regulated environments is…


Innovation Portfolio Management At Scale with Jira Align

High performance organizations focus on building the capability to continuously innovate their business model, portfolio and products to meet the…

Product Thinking

Project to Product: Unlocking Product Agility

Adherence to time, budget, and scope has been the gold standard measure of project success since the beginning of time.…

WebinarScaling Agile

How to Thrive in a Fast-Paced Environment – The Art of Quarterly Strategic Planning

It’s very common for organizations (both Line-of-Business and IT) to conduct strategic planning activity and major decision-making on an annual…


2nd Annual Agile at Scale Report 2019

The Agile at Scale Survey for 2018 includes a number of new and exciting insights as well as confirmations for…


Scaling Architecture, Requirements and Design – The Mystery of the 11th Principle

The Principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto provide us with guidance and direction on how to adopt an Agile mindset…


The ART of Value Streams: Determining Paths of Value Through Value Streams Workshop

The concept of a Value Stream is fundamental to SAFe and how to optimally organize your Teams, ARTs, and Solution…


Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments: Addressing the Challenges of Compliance with Applied SAFe

Engineering tomorrow’s products means keeping ahead and staying relevant in a constantly and rapidly changing environment.   A core characteristic…


Are you safe with SAFe®?

Is SAFe the right framework for my organization? After all, there are numerous other frameworks (Disciplined Agile, Nexus, LeSS, S@S,…


Mixing Agile and other Life Cycles in Large Scale Complex Environments

Building large-scale software and cyber-physical systems are one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in the industry today. Lean…


Taking Enterprise Agile to the next level with SAFe 4.0

In this webinar, Director and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile, Inc, Dean Leffingwell walks us through the new elements in…


The Ugly Truth About Scaling

This webinar, presented by Cprime and Agile Craft will highlight some of the "real" struggles faced when it comes to…

WebinarScaling Agile

Backlog Refinement at Scale

Scrum Teams work best when they collaborate with their product owners to continually refine their backlogs. This is, of course,…


Value Streams and SAFe

Understanding and visualizing the flow of value in your organization is one of the first steps for implementing the Scaled…


Lean Agile Requirements in Large Scale Complex Systems Webinar

Building large-scale software and cyber-physical systems (CPS) are one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in the industry today.…


Optimize Portfolio Performance with Agile Techniques & Jira – Part 2

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success.…

Case StudySAFe

BlueKit: A Collection of Tools and Templates to Amplify Agile adoption!

As the organization began to implement agile at scale, several challenges emerged, chief amongst them was knowledge management. With the…


Optimize Portfolio Performance with Agile Techniques & Jira

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success.…


Scaling Agile with Atlassian and SAFe®

Together, with Atlassian, we are proud to release the “Scaling Agile with Atlassian and SAFe®” white paper   This solution…


Aligning Portfolio Management Reporting and Tracking

It is common for organizations that are in the midst of an agile transformation to struggle with trying to reconcile…

Cprime Scaling Agile Survey 2017 Cover Stack

Scaling Agile Survey 2017

Scaling Agile Report 2017” surveys professionals interested in Agile practices to see how companies view the importance of scaling their…

Case StudyScaling Agile

Agilent Case Study: Going Agile on a Grand Scale

Agilent's Software & Informatics Division set a new priority: Improve the predictability of the group's performance. With the help of…


A Real Release Planning Experience

Medium to large-size organizations that develop software products with a Scrum process typically have multiple Scrum Teams that must collaborate.…


SAFe Framework Overview

Scaled Agile Framework® Overview Do you have highly functional scrum teams but are wondering how to get them to work…


Solutions for Agile Governance in the Enterprise

Author: Kevin Thompson, Ph.D., PMP, ACP, CSP Agile Practice Lead Cprime Paper Abstract: The term governance refers to a formalized…

WebinarScaling Agile

A Group of Agile Teams ≠ Organizational Agility

Most Agile adoptions put emphasis on training team members or specific roles.  Having a group of “agile” teams does not provide…


Overcoming Impediments to Agile Transformation: Online Training

Scaling, Cultural Change & Planning Having trouble scaling your agile projects? 
Having problems integrating agile into your corporate culture? 


Scrum in the Enterprise: Common Issues

Free Scrum White Paper. Download Today! "Scrum in the Enterprise" is a white paper written by Kevin Thompson, one of…

WhitepaperScaling Agile

Agile PMO

Download the Agile PMO WhitePaper Learn How Enterprise Companies Adopt Agile at the Portfolio, Program & Project Management. Abstract: The…