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Scrum in the Enterprise

Scrum in the Enterprise

Scrum in the Enterprise: Common Issues

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"Scrum in the Enterprise" is a white paper written by Kevin Thompson, one of cPrime's Agile Implementation Specialists. The paper talks about the common issues that companies face while making the transition to Agile Development, while explaining how to prepare for and overcome them. Kevin writes about topics from how to use Scrum in a hybrid environment to how to collaborate in Scrum teams. This white paper will interest and benefit anyone who is involved with Agile projects or just interested in the methodology. Contents include:
  • Hybrid projects: Scrum and Waterfall, Together
  • Budgeting
  • Tracking Projects
  • Management Distributed Scrum Projects
  • Tools for Managing Agile Projects
  • Documentation Issues
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Tracking
  • Execution
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