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Are you safe with SAFe®?

Are you safe with SAFe®?

Is SAFe the right framework for my organization? After all, there are numerous other frameworks (Disciplined Agile, Nexus, LeSS, [email protected], etc.) that claim to deliver similar results and impart comparable benefits…

This question is at core of our upcoming webinar.

In this session we will turn our focus to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and how organizations have successfully implemented it. We will provide practical tips and tricks, examples, and approaches to implementing SAFe in a way that ensures the success of your agile transformation.

If you feel a bit concerned about the FUD, join this webinar to hear real life examples, best practices and experiences from the folks who help define SAFe and implement it across multiple verticals.

with Ken France, SAI SAFe Fellow

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