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5 Key Areas to Establish Jira Governance

5 Key Areas to Establish Jira Governance

Throughout our extensive Agile and Atlassian Technology implementation experience, we have identified common team, program and portfolio technology and process practices that hold you back from growth and scale. As a result, we have pulled together our Agile thought leadership and Atlassian technical solution team in an effort to synthesize client learnings and aggregated use cases into a governance health report that is run against your Jira instance.

This report provides all the most popular and curated Atlassian & Agile Scripts that have been requested and implemented across our user base over the past 3-5 years. These scripts will uncover process and technology risks, highlight anti-agile patterns so that over time, your Jira Admin, Agile Coaches and Executives can align on governance and compliance initiatives with this toolbox of scripts. This is a first step towards a foundation for governance and maturity and should be adopted to establish best practices for Jira Administrators, Agile Coaches and the wider organization.

In this webinar, attendees will learn: An introduction to script writing in Jira using simple issue language (SIL) **How to get started managing and executing scripts using Power Scripts for Jira **Understanding the Jira problems and how to implement the top governance scripts to solve the problem.

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