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Strategic Synergy: Uniting Finance and IT through TBM

Strategic Synergy: Uniting Finance and IT through TBM

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Aligning strategic planning, finance, portfolio management, and enterprise architecture is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and agility. Join Konstantin Popov, Head of Enterprise Technology, Strategic Portfolio, and Financial Management at Cprime, and Jack Bischof, General Manager at TBM Council, for a compelling webinar on leveraging the Technology Business Management (TBM) Taxonomy. This discussion will delve into how TBM can foster enterprise agility, enhance collaboration, and enable value-driven decision-making.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Alignment with TBM: Discover how TBM Taxonomy aligns strategy, finance, portfolio, and architecture to boost enterprise agility.
  • Navigating Transformation Challenges: Learn about overcoming obstacles in digital transformation, agile and cloud adoption, and the shift from project to product through TBM.
  • Practical Insights and Integration: Gain actionable insights from real-world examples and learn integration techniques for strategic funding, budgeting, and labor allocation with TBM and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Understand how to make informed decisions by aligning CMD data with application portfolios and enterprise architecture.

This webinar is designed for leaders and professionals aiming to leverage TBM for strategic alignment and operational excellence. Register now to transform your organization’s approach to technology business management.


Jack Bischof
General Manager
TBM Council
Konstantin Popov
Head of Enterprise Technology & Financial Management
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