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Case StudyAgile Transformation

A Leading Pharmaceutical Company Works With Cprime to Nearly Double Speed and Efficiency, Saving Billions

One of the company’s software development teams had been exploring better ways of working for some time in conjunction with…


The Five Phases of Agile Maturity (Part 3): Phase 5

The journey to agile maturity is neither fast nor straightforward. What do you need to know? What challenges might you…

WebinarAtlassian Integrations

A Pre-flight Checklist for Moving Your CMDB onto Jira Service Management Cloud

With the current market emphasis on Atlassian Cloud migrations and Jira Service Management (JSM), we get you ready for take…

Case StudyAgile Transformation

SAFe® Organizational Change — Achieving 70% Predictability at an International Lifestyle and Beauty Pioneer

Faced with information silos between its international offices and a sprawling collection of over 350 unstandardized, underperforming, and difficult-to-manage brand…


Let’s Talk About SAFe® 6.0 with the Cprime SAFe Fellows

Let’s Talk About _____ with the Cprime SAFe Fellows is an ongoing global webinar panel series with Cprime’s SAFe Fellows…


The Five Phases of Agile Maturity (Part 2): Phase 3 and 4

The journey to agile maturity is neither fast nor straightforward. What do you need to know? What challenges might you…


How to Get Started with Lean Portfolio Management

In partnership with: Properly functioning Lean Portfolio Management will position your enterprise for profitable growth by delivering maximum customer value.…


Getting Started with Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

Executive Summary Every organization’s goal is (or at least should be) to streamline their execution so they can get their…

Case StudySAFe

A Leading Pharmaceutical Company Pursues Scaled Agile Excellence with the Help of Cprime

The life sciences leader’s R&D division had already been applying Agile principles to their workflow for some time, and had…

Case StudyCloud Migration

Cprime Cloud Migration Improves Action Camera Pioneer’s Internal Communications and Organizational Data Flow

Dissatisfied with poor performance and support from its legacy Jira and Confluence hosting vendor, this pioneering camera manufacturer took back…

Case StudyAgile

A Global Banking Leader Accelerates Digital Transformation Through a Custom Blended Learning Program

In an effort to constantly streamline and increase the value they deliver to their customers, this financial services leader launched…


The Five Phases of Agile Maturity (Part 1): Phase 1 and 2

The journey to agile maturity is neither fast nor straightforward. What do you need to know? What challenges might you…

Case StudyAgile

A Global Transportation Leader Stabilizes Large-scale Transformation Through Strategic Training

Amid a worldwide pandemic with tremendous ramifications for the airline industry, this transportation leader focused on an enterprise digital transformation…

Case StudyAtlassian Migrations

Collaboration: The Key to a Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration at Croesus

Croesus leveraged on-premise server-based instances of Jira and Confluence and saw the need for a change. They reached out for…


Fleet Management Automation: Features, Benefits, Costs

Why do we recommend fleet management software? Because we believe that fleet management automation will make your fleet operation run…

WebinarProduct Agility

From Project to Product: “Big Rock” Constraints and How to Overcome Them

Project-based thinking and process is often the largest inhibitor of achieving agility. It explains why the notion of ‘Project to…


Your Practical Guide to Enterprise Service Management

The speed and complexity of modern businesses are always growing and change is the only constant. To keep pace with…


Let your Software Eat the World! Modern Software Development on the Cloud featuring Forrester®, AWS, & Cprime

The notion that “software is eating the world” is arguably more relevant these days than when it was originally coined…

Case StudyAgile Transformation

SAFe® for Business Agility—A Cprime and Silicon Valley Transformation Partnership

This client was struggling with a history of siloed work, where everyone worked on everything. This worked as a startup,…


Whitepaper: ART Metrics

A Train Leaves the City Traveling at 65 Miles Per Hour… An Argument for Baseline ART-Level Metrics That Actually Prove…

Prepare and Roadmap

Prepare & Roadmap Capabilities Guide

What’s keeping your teams from achieving their goals? Is outdated technology holding you back? Disparate tooling? Is it your process?…


Atlassian Software Licensing Capabilities Guide

Expertise you can rely on for a smooth and cost-effective Atlassian software experience Your software licenses likely account for a…


SAFe® Transformation with Cprime: Tools to Consider Before You Start

How to embrace the disruption that SAFe® Transformation brings to your teams and create a sustainable enterprise-wide value? The decision…

Reskilling and upskilling
WebinarProduct Management

Project to Product: Unlocking Product Agility

Adherence to time, budget, and scope has been the gold standard measure of project success since the beginning of time.…


Les cinq phases de l’agilité en entreprise

  Dans ce livre blanc sur les cinq phases de l'agilité en entreprise, nous souhaitons partager cette carte : une…

WebinarIT Service Management

Enhancing Your ITSM With Service Catalog Management Practice and Jira Service Management

Service Catalog Management provides a single source of truth, a consistent repository where all information on services and service offerings…

WhitepaperEnterprise Integrations

The Life of a Lead: A Study in Success With Enterprise Application Integration

Based on research by Bettercloud, organizations with more than 1,000 employees use over 150 different apps, on average, to do…

Case Studyagile team

Utility Company’s Agile Transformation Results in 30% Improvement and Reduced Overhead

Long cycle times and waterfall methodology hindered this utility company’s efforts to respond to change in the market and produce…

Case StudyAtlassian

Quantive Collaborates with Cprime on Powerful Custom Integrations for Jira Align, Miro, and Aha!

Quantive sought a streamlined, efficient system to help clients connect their OKRs with Jira Align, Miro, and Aha!. Speed was…


Die fünf Phasen der Unternehmensagilität

  In diesem Whitepaper möchten wir Ihnen diese Karte vorstellen: Eine klare Beschreibung dessen, was Sie in allen fünf Phasen…