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Case StudyAgile

Enabling Transformation: Creating a Global Agile Curriculum for a UK Banking Icon

As new technology and innovative financial products disrupted the traditional banking ecosystem, this major UK Bank turned to Cprime to…

Case StudyEnterprise Integrations

Enterprise Integration – Five Customer Success Stories

This is a compilation of the stories from five different clients who have benefited from the services provided by Cprime's…

Case Studyautomation

MuleSoft Engages Cprime for DevOps Transformation and New QA Automation

MuleSoft was growing quickly and needed to accelerate its time-to-market for each new release. They turned to Cprime to attack…


Tips, Tricks, and Considerations on Your Atlassian Cloud Migration Journey

Atlassian continues to sharpen their focus as a cloud-first company by making bold changes to its self-managed offerings. Many organizations…

Case StudyDevOps

Telecom Pioneer Prioritizes DevSecOps Following an Agile Transformation

The company has focused on cyber security as a top priority for many years. However, as they pursued an enterprise-wide…

WebinarProduct Agility

The Benefits of Visual Storytelling on the Path to Product Agility

In an ever-changing complex world, how can you get individuals on the same page, gain a deeper level of understanding…

Case StudyAgile

Market-Leading Innovation at a Luxury Automaker by Introducing Agile Product Lifecycle Management

This luxury automaker needed to achieve faster time to market, rapid value delivery, and increased innovation, with employees in the…


Atlassian Plus Series: Supercharge User Experience in Jira and Slack/MS Teams with Nextup.ai

In partnership with: In an ever-evolving world of hybrid work, many organizations are starting to realize the limitless possibilities of…

WebinarManagement & Leadership

Elevate with Grit Panel Series (Episode 8: Reset & Transform Successfully – Unlock YOUR Potential)

Hear from women in the workforce as they share obstacles overcome and lessons learned from climbing the career ladder to…


The Five Phases of Enterprise Agility

Like a long and winding mountain road, the journey to enterprise agility is neither fast nor straightforward. And if you…

Case StudyAgile Adoption

Onboarding Agile: Streamlining the Annual Technical Talent Intake Process at a Global Investment Institution with Cprime

This major international financial institution had a global challenge — getting their talented new hires up to speed quickly across…

Laptop with cloud computing diagram show on hand. Cloud technology. Data storage. Networking and internet service concept.

Whitepaper: Your Quick Hit Guide to Atlassian Cloud Security for Small and Medium Size Businesses

As a small or medium-sized business, you might be contemplating a move to Atlassian Cloud. It's no doubt that security…

Agile Class
Case StudyManagement & Leadership

Global Casualty Insurance Leader Wins Big with Innovative New Upskilling Program for Agile Developers

One of the biggest drivers of constant change is technology. As a result, there's always a need for more and…

Case StudyAgile Transformation

Beyond IT: An International Bank Empowers Its Marketing Teams with Agile

With regional marketing teams spanning the globe, the bank wanted to improve communications and increase productivity by adopting Agile for…

WebinarManagement & Leadership

Elevate with Grit Panel Series (Episode 7: Shaping the Future of Tomorrow with Positive & Innovative Actions)

Theme: Expert Panelists Explore Positive Leadership When discussing leadership qualities, people typically focus on vision, integrity and courage. There is…


Raconteur: Agile Business Report 2022

Applying agile development methodologies to the wider business is no new strategy, but it may hold the key to a…


How to Align Organizational Culture with Agile Frameworks

Organizational culture can be defined as a set of values, behaviors, and beliefs that contribute to the unique social and…


Atlassian Platinum Panel Series Part 3

How to Optimize your ITSM with Atlassian Cloud Many organizations are challenged with adhering to demanding SLAs, responding to security…


Atlassian Platinum Panel Series Part 2

How to Scale and Adapt Your Atlassian Cloud with Jira Align Embracing Enterprise Agility is a top-of-mind initiative for many…


Atlassian Platinum Panel Series Part 1

Top Developments, Trends, and the Key to Success with Atlassian Cloud Many organizations are excited about Atlassian Cloud and the…


A Practical Approach to Align and Deliver Adaptive Strategy

In partnership with: Leaders in organizations undertaking digital transformation need to connect emergent business strategy, execution, and financial management to…


Are you Ready for Growth? Driving Success with Atlassian Cloud

The tremendous growth many small and medium-sized companies experience introduces its own challenges. How do you scale, meet compliance requirements,…

Agile Class
WebinarManagement & Leadership

When You Can’t Find Tech Talent, Grow Your Own

The demand for tech talent is at an all-time high and is only expected to increase (did you know that…


Elevate with Grit Panel Series (Episode 6: Agile Paths & Real Transformations)

Hear from leaders in the workforce as they share obstacles overcome and lessons learned from climbing the career ladder to…


The Pace of Change is Upping our Game

How People, Products, and Companies Can Thrive in Times of Change Change can be a friend. Change can be a…

Case StudyAgile

Insuring Agile: A SAFe Transformation at a Global Commercial P&C Solutions Provider

The commercial casualty and property insurance sector is highly dynamic. Influenced by external factors, including strict domestic and international regulation,…


Elevate with Grit Panel Series (Episode 5: Leadership, People & Culture)

Theme: 3 Amazing Expert Panelists in the Food + Retail Industry Explore Leadership with a People and Culture Focus When…


The What, Why, and How of DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a recent offshoot of the DevOps movement, which doubles down on the importance of security. As security continues…

Case StudyAgile

Agile Transformation under Regulation: Reducing Development Cycles in Big Pharma with Cprime

In a highly controlled industry with glacial development cycles, the company sought to align its process and make incremental improvements…

Case StudyAtlassian

Acoustic Leverages Cprime’s AWS & Atlassian Expertise to Migrate to the Cloud

About Acoustic Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud and analytics provider. Acoustic supports more than 3,500 brands, including Fortune 500…