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How to Structure Your Lean Portfolio For LPM Success

How to Structure Your Lean Portfolio For LPM Success

Executive Summary

Business agility: The ability to pivot quickly and efficiently based on customer feedback and changes in the market with a focus on delivering value to the customer.

This is—or certainly should be—leadership’s goal in every modern organization. The market simply moves too fast to succeed with any other aim. 

For smaller organizations with one or a small handful of related products, learning and applying some basic Lean and Agile principles can accomplish this goal. That’s why startups are traditionally so much more nimble than large enterprises. But business agility is well within the grasp of even the largest organizations when they establish and maintain a strong but flexible structure for maintaining strategic alignment and supporting Lean and Agile practices at all levels of the enterprise.

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a proven method for doing just that.

What you will learn in this white paper

The first white paper in this series offered a primer for those new to the concept of Lean Portfolio Management. It covered what it is, why it’s vital for enterprises today, and the fundamentals required to set up a new LPM program.

If you haven’t already read it, and think you’d benefit from that information, download it here.

In this white paper, we take you beyond the fundamentals into a discussion of how to best structure your portfolio so that it’s optimized for your unique situation and business goals. We’ll be looking at it through the lens of how a strategic coach would analyze and prioritize your setup and get your teams and portfolios aligned effectively.

We’ll cover:

  • Four approaches to quickly establishing an optimal LPM structure
  • How to set up and upskill your teams for LPM success
  • How to best scale your team setup to work at the enterprise level

By the end, you’ll understand how to best structure a portfolio to help boost your speed to market, strategic alignment, and overall value delivery across the enterprise.

How a Strategic Coach Will Approach Your LPM Practice

No two companies are exactly the same. There are countless nuances involved in structuring the optimal LPM practice for each organization. So, if a consultant comes in and recommends some cookie-cutter plan they’ve used a thousand times, don’t be fooled. However, there are some basic approaches that can be used, combined, and customized to unique circumstances. 

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