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LeSS | Certified LeSS Basics

An introduction into the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Framework


Discover the power of scaling agile development with the Certified LeSS Basics course, a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework.

LeSS takes the core principles of Scrum, such as empiricism and cross-functional self-managing teams, and elevates them to a larger scale. By providing a clear set of structural rules and guidelines, LeSS enables organizations to effectively adopt Scrum in extensive product development endeavors.

In this immersive 1-day course, you'll gain a solid understanding of the LeSS framework and its essential concepts. Whether you're considering LeSS for your organization or are already involved in the scaling effort, this course will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and contribute to the success of your agile transformation.

The Certified LeSS Basics course is designed for anyone playing a role in the scaling process, from executives and managers to developers and Scrum Masters. Join us to explore the potential of LeSS and take the first step towards unleashing the true power of agile at scale.

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1 day/8 hours of instruction
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There are currently no scheduled classes for this course. Please contact us if you would like more information or to schedule this course for you or your company.

Full Course Details

Course Content

  • Why LeSS
  • LeSS Framework
  • LeSS Principles
  • LeSS Roles
  • LeSS Events & Artifacts
  • LeSS Adoption
  • LeSS Huge

  • Organizational Leaders and Managers
  • Product Owners and Product Management
  • Agile Transformation Leaders, Consultants and Change Agents
  • Experienced ScrumMasters and Agile Practitioners
  • Agile Team, Organisational Coaches, and Agile Trainers
  • Software Engineers and hands-on technologists

  • Articulate why LeSS
  • Explain how LeSS is a Scrum-based approach to scaling
  • Summarize what impact this has on the organizational design (structures, policies, etc.)
  • Explain the dynamics of component teams vs. feature teams
  • Explain all roles and their purposes
  • Explain why there is one and only real PO and not so-called team POs
  • Explain the LeSS Complete diagram, organizing LeSS information in terms of the principles, rules, guides, and experiments
  • Explain how LeSS scales over ~8 teams
  • Analyze one's own current organization’s state
  • Evaluate the applicability of LeSS in one's own current work environment
  • What organizational impacts LeSS adoption may cause.
  • What impact would LeSS adoption make to participants’ work life?

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