Aha! for Product Managers


Expand the skills and knowledge of Aha! Roadmaps as a Product Manager. This course is best suited for Product Managers, Product Leaders, or Product Operations professionals seeking best practices for specific applications of Aha! Roadmaps. 

This 2-day course takes users through more advanced concepts, practices, and configuration and equips the learner with considerations to build a robust system and align with their current or future organization’s processes and agile frameworks. 

This course is designed for Product Managers, Product Leaders, and Operational Professionals if you are an Aha! Administrator or Power User explore our Aha! for Administrators course!

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Full Course Details

Part 1: Aha! Roadmaps – Workspace Organization

  • Hierarchy Concepts
    • Aha records deep dive
      • How each record relates to each other
        • Define and build out 
          • Product platform vs. product line
          • Solution offerings
          • Product components
          • Enabling/disabling Epics
        • What to keep in mind around integrations
          • Jira
          • ADO
          • Salesforce
      • Where are user stories?
        • Requirements vs. Activities
      • How granular to get?
        • Get as granular as you need to get as a PdM to align strategy w/execution 
          • Aha is not meant to replace your Software dev tool, it’s a complement
      • Hierarchy report 
        • Summarize & analyze relationships across goals, initiatives, releases, & features
    • Q and A for your hierarchy

Part 2: Strategy Configuration

  • Goals and Objectives
    • Aha best practices: Using OKRs
      • OKR Overview
      • Why did Aha use this as the standard?
      • Use Goal for Objective, and Initiative for Key Result
      • What if my org doesn’t use OKRs?
  • Visualizing your strategy
    • Using Strategy templates
      • Visualize your strategy with a roadmap
  • Linking your work to strategy
    • Structure your workspace hierarchy
    • Capture goals and initiatives
    • Connect work to product strategy
      • Manual or automatic progress tracking
  • Scorecards + Worksheets
    • Common scoring methods
    • Automated scorecard metrics (E+)
    • Custom worksheets (E+)x
  • Reports to show organizational strategy
    • How to calculate from child goals
    • How to calculate from child initiatives
    • How to calculate from workspace initiatives
    • How to calculate from releases or features
    • How to calculate the progress of releases from features
    • How to calculate the progress of features from requirements, remaining estimate, or to-dos
  • Supporting SAFe
    • Hierarchy, terminology, fields, and layouts
    • Define and build your strategy
    • Identify program epic, features, and requirements
    • Planing program increments and releases
    • Reporting
  • Risks
    • RAG workflow statuses
    • Manage and resolve risks
    • Track risks and create a RAID lg
    • Risk reporting
  • Reporting 
    • Report Module structure and folder creation
    • Good reporting hygiene 
      • Data and calculations
    • Using internal titles and API titles
    • Presentations
      • Presentation Themes
      • Edit and Publish
      • Security and Access

Part 3: Ideas Portals

  • Implementing an ideas process into your production operations model
    • Work requests (Enterprise+)
  • Private vs. public portals
  • Discover trending ideas
    • Reporting and Charting
  • Review and respond to ideas
    • Ideas Advanced (E+)
      • Automation (E+)
  • Keep customers up to date
    • Public vs. private comments

Part 4: Capacity Planning (E+) 

  • Individual
    • Mapping fields to Jira
    • Add estimates
      • Estimate best practices
  • Team
    • Mapping fields to Jira
    • Add estimates
    • Industry best practices
      • How to estimate when starting a new team
      • How to estimate based on prior work done
      • How to forecast future work
  • Reporting 
    • Visualize your team and individual capacity

Professionals who would benefit from this training include:

  • Product Managers
  • Product Leaders
  • Product Operations Professionals

  • Understand the Aha! best practices around hierarchy, organization, and record relationships
  • Identify ways to configure Aha! in relation to risks, strategy, and SAFe
  • Configure and implement an Ideas portal to gather feedback for the maturity of your organization
  • Implement capacity planning for individuals and teams, and report on capacity

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