BigPicture for Teams

Fully understand the capabilities of BigPicture to help your organization navigate cross-organization, visibility, flexible structures, planning, progress tracking, measuring performance, and more.

BigPicture is a top-selling project (and product) portfolio management app for Jira which comes equipped with a roadmap, ‘board’, ‘teams’, and ‘resources’ modules as well as a risk matrix and more. A versatile application, flexible enough to accommodate agile, agile-at-scale, and hybrid methodologies,

BigPicture offers to:

  • Grant unprecedented cross-organization, portfolio-level visibility of every initiative
  • Build a flexible work structure using any building block you can think of (portfolios, sub-portfolios, programs, projects, stages, SAFe® PIs
  • Plan objectives and tasks efficiently and execute them smoothly
  • Optimally allocate your resources, individuals, and teams
  • Monitor work and track progress
  • Aggregate values, measure performance and report with ease

This BigPicture training class helps companies fully understand the extensive capabilities of the app, get insights into best practices, and increase the overall proficiency of using the tool. Official BigPicture training is designed to create the optimum learning curve for understanding BigPicture capability – not just on the features of the tool, but on how best to apply it in your own organization.

3 days/24 hours of instruction
Public Classroom Pricing


GSA Price: $1150

Group Rate: $1695

Private Group Pricing

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Part 1: BigPicture Basics

  • The building blocks of BigPicture
  • Best practices for navigating the BigPicture UI
  • Getting comfortable with Programs
  • Workshop tasks

Part 2: Data visualization in BigPicture

  • Fundamentals of BigPicture Gantt
  • Getting the most out of Gantt functionalities
  • Real-time synchronization between BigPicture and Jira
  • Becoming a master of Gantt
  • Workshop tasks

Part 3: Resource management

  • Clear overview of a Resources workload
  • Allocation constraints in Resources
  • Optimizing and managing Resources
  • Workshop tasks

Part 4: Working with Agile using BigPicture

  • BigPicture Roadmap fundamentals
  • Using Roadmap to scale Agile
  • Synergy between BigPicture and Jira Software
  • Configuring BigPicture for Agile processes
  • Workshop tasks

Part 5: Project tracking in BigPicture

  • Project management with Gantt
  • Gantt’s multi-platform compatibility
  • Effortless reporting with BigPicture
  • Unveiling the project management features of BigPicture
  • Workshop tasks

Part 6: Portfolio overview

  • Portfolio view in BigPicture
  • Managing Portfolio-level risk
  • Resource allocation with Portfolio insight
  • Configuring BigPicture for Portfolio overview
  • Workshop tasks

Part 7: Advanced administration

  • Grooming of existing Programs
  • Troubleshooting BigPicture’s interface
  • How to be a happy BigPicture administrator
  • Workshop tasks

Any team members involved in your organization’s projects or programs who want to get started using BigPicture or get better leveraging the features of BigPicture and JIRA.   

  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Product manager
  • Portfolio managers
  • JIRA Admin

  • Understand the building blocks and best practices of BigPicture
  • Get the most out of BigPicture Gantt and how to Integrate that with JIRA
  • Perform resource management including allocation restraints and optimization
  • Use BigPicture Roadmap fundamentals
  • Use roadmaps to scale Agile
  • Configure BigPicture for Agile
  • Track projects with Gantt
  • Use portfolio view with BigPicture
  • Apply advanced administration practices

BigPicture for Teams Schedule


Live Online

Dec 4th - 6th, 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

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