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Visual Thinking Skills

Visualize your ideas and make team collaboration more effective

Do you want to visualize your ideas and make team collaboration more effective?

Do you want to simplify messaging and create a shared vision?

Do you want to learn how to work more visually?

This workshop will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge you need to adopt and evolve your very own unique Visual Thinking Style, including

  • The WHY of Visual Thinking-Benefits & theory
  • Visual Thinking Toolbox
    • Building a visual vocabulary, objects, icons & figures
    • Containers, connectors & banners
    • Lettering
    • Layout, structure & flow
  • Active listening techniques
  • The use of Graphic Templates
  • Visual facilitation simulation

Get introduced to the essential visual thinking building blocks before discovering your very own visual thinking style. Gain all the tips and techniques you need to generate ideas and solve problems visually.

Available formats for this course
Live Online
Private Team Training
3 days/9 hours of instruction
Public Classroom Pricing

Starting at: $445(USD)


Group Rate: $445

Get the full details on this course. Download the .PDF Brochure below:

Part 1: The theory of Visual Thinking and drawing deep dive

We will focus on the why of Visual Thinking before progressing with drawing techniques and top tips. By the end of the session you will have a bank of reusable images to master and evolve.

Part 2 – Building your Visual Thinking Toolbox

We will focus on some key aspects of Visual Thinking including lettering techniques, title banners, containers; and layout, flow and structure patterns. You now have the ingredients to tell an impactful visual story.

Part 3 – Visual Facilitation and Active listening

During this final module we will run active listening exercises before simulating idea mapping and problem-solving exercises with the use of online graphic templates. Now you have the ability to embrace group diversity and convergent thinking virtually.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn and improve their visualization skills

  • Apply visual thinking skills to support working groups to effectively express ideas and solve problems.
  • Discover visual thinking tools and techniques that will assist with business alignment and customer engagement.
  • Create the perfect conditions to enhance distributed innovation and accelerate learning.

Visual Thinking Skills Schedule

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Live, Online Training
Dec 14th - 16th
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

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