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AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview

Explore AI & Machine Learning Basics, How they Apply in Today’s Business Enterprise, New Tools, Trends & More


AI & Machine Learning Enterprise Overview is an overview level, lecture and discussion style course designed to provide you with a solid ‘first-look’ at essential AI and machine learning technologies, related cutting-edge skills, and the innovative tools that support them, with a focus on how they are applied in business in a practical way. These transformative technologies offer paths to enhance decision-making, quickly modernize and improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation within your organization.

Throughout the course, you will gain insights into key topics such as the basics of neural networks, the nuances of natural language processing, and the strategic use of AI in business decision-making. We'll explore how AI and ML are revolutionizing areas like operations, marketing, and sales, providing you with a clear perspective on their value and impact. You’ll also explore the tools and technologies that drive AI and ML, including an overview of Large Language Models like GPT, and how they are applied across various business sectors.

This course is designed to make you conversant in AI and ML, enabling you to identify and articulate how these technologies can be leveraged for strategic advantage in your organization. By the end, you'll appreciate not just the technical aspects, but also the business potential of AI and ML

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Full Course Details

  1. Introduction to AI & Machine Learning
  2. Deeper Dive into Machine Learning
  3. Leveraging AI in Business & Decision Making
  4. Hot Trends for AI in Business: Large Language Models (LLM), Generative AI and GPT
  5. Basics of Neural Networks
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Sentiment Analysis
  7. Using AI for Image, Video, and Audio Processing
  8. AI for Business Technical Tools: Data Science, Deep Learning & The Cloud
  9. Practical Applications and the Future of AI in Business

This overview-level course is appropriate for anyone seeking an introduction to these innovative tools and skills and how they can be practically applied in business from an enterprise perspective. Roles include technical executives, stakeholders, project managers, technical managers, data scientists, analysts, developers or cohorts new to a role or an AI / ML initiative.


Attendees might include:

  • Business Executives exploring AI and ML's strategic business impacts.
  • Managers and Team Leaders across departments eager to apply AI insights.
  • Business Analysts keen on enhancing data analysis with AI and ML.
  • Project and Product Managers aiming to integrate AI in their projects.
  • Non-technical Stakeholders wanting a foundational AI and ML understanding.
  • Technologist looking to kick start their future role in AI and ML
  • Mid-career Professionals across industries seeking AI and ML insights.
  • Decision-Makers looking to optimize operations and strategies with AI.



To gain the most from attending this course, you should have the following prerequisite skills:

  • Basic Business Acumen: Familiarity with general business concepts and strategies is advantageous, as it will help in understanding how AI and Machine Learning can be applied in various business contexts.
  • Basic Technological Understanding: While deep technical expertise is not required, a foundational knowledge of technology and its role in business will be beneficial for grasping the concepts discussed in the course.
  • Analytical Thinking: An ability to think analytically will aid in comprehending how data-driven AI and ML solutions can solve business problems and enhance decision-making processes.

  • Foundational Insight: Quickly grasp the essential concepts of AI and Machine Learning, their current trends, and relevance to your business environment, enabling you to participate in strategic discussions with confidence.
  • Identifying Business Enhancements: Learn to spot opportunities where AI can improve functions like marketing, sales, and operations, and explore the practical applications of these technologies in everyday business contexts.
  • Tech and Tools Overview: Gain a non-technical understanding of key tools and technologies in AI and ML, including algorithms, neural networks, NLP, GPT, and Generative AI.
  • Engaged Discussions: Develop the ability to confidently discuss AI and ML topics in business settings, understanding their role in data processing and the potential influence on your organization.
  • Balanced Perspective: Combine an understanding of the ethical considerations and practical challenges of AI and ML with insights on how organizations maximize these technologies for efficiency and improved processes.

A full refund will be issued for class cancellations made at least 10 business days before the course begins. Payment is nonrefundable for cancellations or reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date and for No Shows (students who do not attend class).  For reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date, students must reschedule immediately for the same course, up to a maximum of six months from the original date.  A student may only reschedule one time.

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