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Exploring AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise

Explore AI & Machine Learning Basics, How they Apply in Today’s Business Enterprise, New Tools, Trends & More


Exploring AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview (with Light Hands-on) is a basic, primer-level course designed to provide you with a solid ‘first-look’ at essential AI and machine learning technologies, related cutting-edge skills, and the innovative tools that support them, with a focus on how they are applied in business in a practical way. These transformative technologies offer paths to enhance decision-making, quickly modernize and improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation within your organization.

Our engaging AI practitioner will guide you through useful lectures, valuable demonstrations and group discussions, along with light-hands-on activities working with some of the core skills and tools. Throughout the course, you’ll learn what AI is and isn't, differentiating between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and what’s happening with trending Large Language Model use. You’ll also examine processing language, images, and audio with AI. No deep math skills required. We'll also touch on hot topics and trends in AI, NLP, Neural Networks, Generative AI, GPT, and a preview of what’s next for AI in the business context. 

You’ll exit the class with a high-level understanding of these technologies to a conversant level, able to move forward to engage in related discussions and participate in strategic decisions around AI and Machine Learning implementations, as well as ready to springboard into next-level learning programs in these areas. 

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Jul 18th - 19th, 2024
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

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Full Course Details

Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We’ll work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most. Topics, agenda and labs are subject to change, and may adjust during live delivery based on audience skill level, interests and participation.

  1. Introduction to AI & Machine Learning
  2. Deeper Dive into Machine Learning
  3. Leveraging AI in Business & Decision Making
  4. Hot Trends for AI in Business: Large Language Models (LLM), Generative AI and GPT
  5. Basics of Neural Networks
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Sentiment Analysis
    1. Lab: Use an online sentiment analysis tool to analyze customer feedback from a popular business.
  7. Using AI for Image, Video, and Audio Processing
    1. Lab: Use AI in recognizing and analyzing images
  8. AI for Business Technical Tools: Data Science, Deep Learning & The Cloud
    1. Tools: Azure, Google, IBM, Amazon solutions
  9. Practical Applications and the Future of AI in Business


  • Hands-on Practice
  • Resources
  • AI & ML Communities

This course is ideally suited for a wide variety of technical learners just getting started with AI or machine Learning, seeking a primer-level overview of these technologies, skills and related tools. Attendees might include:

  • Developers aspiring to be a 'Data Scientist' or Machine Learning engineers
  • Analytics Managers who are leading a team of analysts 
  • Business Analysts who want to understand data science techniques
  • Information Architects who want to gain expertise in Machine Learning algorithms 
  • Analytics professionals who want to work in machine learning or artificial intelligence
  • Graduates looking to build a career in Data Science and machine learning
  • Experienced professionals who would like to harness machine learning in their fields to get more insight about customers



Students attending this class should have a grounding in Enterprise computing. While there’s no particular class to offer as a prerequisite, students attending this course should be from a somewhat technical background, and familiar with Enterprise IT, have a general (high-level) understanding of systems architecture, as well as some knowledge of the business drivers that might be able to take advantage of applying AI. 

Basic knowledge of Python scripting is also helpful but not required. The hands-on labs in this course may leverage some basic Python scripts as needed, but the labs can be completed in a ‘follow-along’ format, under the guidance of the instructor. Prior experience with Python can be helpful but is not necessary.

Throughout the course you’ll:

  • Gain a clear introduction to the exciting world of AI and Machine Learning, along with current trends and tools, enabling you to participate confidently in strategic discussions and help to make informed decisions.
  • Get a hands-on introduction to a few user-friendly tools and skills offering you a taste of the practical side of AI and Machine Learning.
  • Explore the practical business applications of AI and Machine Learning in an everyday context, and the potential influence of these technologies on your organization.
  • Learn the basics about algorithms, NLP, Neural Networks, GPT, Generative AI and other innovative tools, and how
  • Explore how AI plays a pivotal role in processing language, images, and audio
  • Learn how organizations maximize use of these technologies to their benefit to improve processes and maximize efficiencies

A full refund will be issued for class cancellations made at least 10 business days before the course begins. Payment is nonrefundable for cancellations or reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date and for No Shows (students who do not attend class).  For reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date, students must reschedule immediately for the same course, up to a maximum of six months from the original date.  A student may only reschedule one time.

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