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Product Discovery and Delivery

Immerse yourself in hands-on product discover with lean UX practices and product thinking.

Participants will select a product idea to explore and use it as a vehicle for the course. Starting with the formation of a product discovery team and proceeding through lean UX practices, participants design a product with measurable impact.

As part of the discovery process, participants use tools like opportunity mapping, collaborative framing, pragmatic personas, story mapping, and customer journeys to elaborate and visualize a product story. For people working with agile teams, this course helps build strong product backlogs with better stories as well as provides insights into continuous product discovery that feeds continuous product delivery and learning.

Note: When taken live, online, this class is delivered in three half-day sessions.

2 days/16 hours of instruction
Education Credits
16 PDUs
2 Leadership PDUs
4 Strategy PDUs
10 Technical PDUs
16 PDUs
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Part 1: Product Agility and Product Ownership

  1. Expectations, curiosities, and the selection of product idea for the course
  2. Product ownership
  3. What is it?
  4. What’s in it for you?
  5. Why work this way? How did we get here?
  6. Steering the bus
  7. Visibility, control, flexibility, and maneuverability
  8. Getting buy in

Part 2: Product Over Progress

  1. Traditional, agile, and product-centered processes overview
  2. Product centered thinking and principles (blending discovery & delivery)
  3. Avoid being overly certain
  4. Validate ideas early and fast
  5. Develop customer insights
  6. Practice product-driven architecture
  7. Embrace responsive engineering
  8. Building product communities, product owners, users, and markets

Part 3: Early Product Discovery

  1. Framing design targets and your guess at their needs
  2. Introduction to story mapping, story splitting, and customer journeys
  3. Pragmatic sketching, prototyping, and other tools for early validation
  4. Stories, acceptance tests, and learning from building

Part 4: Roadmaps and Planning

  1. Making product choices
  2. Iteratively delivering value
  3. Sizing and planning across iterations

Part 5: Blending Product Discovery with Product Delivery

  1. Establishing a sustainable discovery cadence
  2. Establishing a blended cadence
  3. Constraints
  4. Adjusting to delivery constraints
  5. Blending with operations and support
  6. Losing “product” in delivery tools
  7. Investing in analytics

Part 6: Measuring Product Impact

  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • UX Developers
  • Architects
  • Tech Leads
  • Leaders within the discovery cadence

  • Understand the conditions necessary to achieve product agility
  • Review the product ownership group’s place in that as well as the benefits they gain on behalf of the business by working this way
  • Gain an understanding of the levers PO’s may pull to steer product direction
  • Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” from different perspectives on a product team
  • Overview of product discovery and delivery as well as Product Thinking and Lean UX
  • Use tools for collaborative framing, pragmatic personas, story mapping, customer journeys, sketching, and define measurable impacts (KPIs, OKRs, etc.)
  • Embrace the reality that many product ideas may be wrong and early validation is essential
  • Add clarity and measure impact with acceptance tests
  • Create an ongoing cadence for product discovery that feeds product delivery and ultimately fuels product learning

Product Discovery and Delivery Schedule

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