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We teach from experience, not textbooks

Product Agility Consulting

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Unlock Product Agility

Our coaches left lives as product managers, software engineers, executives, and founders to share a pragmatic approach to product development that blends insights from both their successes and failures in industry.
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Technical Coaches

Technical coaches work side-by-side with your engineers as peers and mentors. They bring a wealth of experience and current skills to a collaborative relationship.

Product Coaches

Product coaches bring product and design thinking born of years of doing it. They've worked in the trenches at both the tactical and strategic levels.

Measuring Impact

Our coaches not only show you how to measure the impact of your products, but also how to measure organizational improvement in a manner that promotes outcomes over output.

How we do it

Embedded Coaching

Coaches work side-by-side with your teams and leaders to teach and guide them in the use of both technical and product-thinking practices that fuel agility and learning.


Courses provide foundational knowledge ranging from applying design thinking to modern development practices. Courses are keenly focused on the real-world, practical applications of product discovery and delivery.

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Hands-On Workshops

Workshops are facilitated sessions wherein you apply the practices you learned on your real work. Workshops are a great way to cement learning while at the same time getting stuff done. They truly bring ideas to action faster.

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Dojos are immersive learning experiences that aide organizations in scaling the use of modern technical and product-thinking practices throughout large organizations.

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Cprime coaches help you do everything from modernizing your architecture to bringing a product mindset to your organization.

PROJECT TO PRODUCT - No matter what business your company is in it’s now a digital product company. To be successful in this space we need to transform our culture and actions to think in terms of product versus projects. Cprime helps you unlock more market impact from the work you do while at the same time guiding your organization in how to blend product thinking into all aspects of your business.

MODERN ENGINEERING - Fighting a legacy codebase? Being told to pivot but your application’s resiliency and testability is holding you back? We can help. Our tech coaches can show teams a path to iteratively modernizing a legacy application while at the same time helping leaders, business stakeholders, and product management buy into the need for this investment.

DESIGN THINKING AND PRODUCT OWNERSHIP - Being a product owner is a tough job. Cprime coaches can help you learn the ropes, understand how to do your work, and apply Lean UX and design thinking practices that make your products stand out in the market.

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