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Product Agility Coaching

Leverage decades of experience building impactful products

Tailored Coaching for your Team

We are fond of saying that we teach from experience not textbooks. Our coaches left lives as product managers, software engineers, executives, and founders to share a pragmatic approach to product development that blends insights from both their successes and failures in industry.

When you cross paths with a Product Agility coach, you can expect to meet someone who:

  • Is pragmatic and challenges you to think beyond process to the power of blending product, agile, and technology
  • Listens more than he/she talks
  • Is a life-longer learner who values continuous improvement
  • Wants to help you build and deliver awesome products

Technical Coaches

Cprime offers technical coaches help you do everything from modernizing your architecture for the cloud to bringing a product mindset to your development teams. You can think of our technical coaches as uber geeks who are also teachers and influencers.

Our technical coaches:

  • Are active developers, architects, and operations folks
  • Teach by showing not just telling
  • Are passionate about testability and automation at all stages of discovery and delivery
  • Specialize in modeling behaviors that fuel agility and rapid product learning
  • Encourage practices that promote collaboration
  • Are aspirational, working leaders who are biased towards action

Our approach to technical coaching promotes these values, actions, and thought processes. We’ll teach and model these behaviors within by working with teams as they progress on their real work.

  • Social making and collaboration
  • Elimination of handoffs and learning from feedback loops
  • Test-driven
  • Quality investment (e.g. continuous architecture and emergent design)
  • Product mindset
  • Application of sensible metrics (team-driven metrics)

Product Coaches

Like our technical coaches, product coaches are still active product managers, product owners, and product executives. Many of them were “accidental product owners” not unlike many folks in industry these days.

Product coaches have fought with sales, the business, and even their own product teams to advocate for and advance the interests of their products. They’ve dealt with juggling the tactical needs of having to have stories ready for sprint planning with charting strategies and bringing new products to market.

Product coaches have been where you are and can help you and your team take the next step forward.

Cprime’s approach to product coaching promotes these values, actions, and thought processes.

  • Product ownership is a mindset to be shared by everyone
  • Blending discovery and delivery fuels validation and learning
  • Adopting a mindset of working and investing in product horizons versus project timelines
  • Being product minded means investing in product management capabilities and skills
  • Learn fast, adapt, and manuever