Onboarding Programs

Get your new hires “workplace-ready” on day one. Onboarding Programs are uniquely designed to accelerate the development of recent graduate and new hires. We work with you and your internal subject matter experts (SMEs) to customize a hands-on program that aligns to your company goals, best practices, and processes. Whether you need a 2-week program or a 12-week program, we have the experience and resources to carry you through the instructional design, content development, and final delivery of your enriched, custom program.

Onboarding programs are designed to:

  • Prepare your new employees for continual learning from day one so they can become a valuable member of the team, and quickly gain a return on your investment
  • Ensure new hires are ready for their new job roles and provide them the resources and confidence they need to succeed
  • Integrate new hires into your organization while encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and innovation

Program Tracks:

Onboarding programs are broken down into tracks. Each track is geared towards a specific job function or title and is highly customizable to teach the precise skills needed by that position. Technology, methodologies, best practices, and more can be covered to ensure that new hires have thorough training on their responsibilities and will be immediately productive. Sample Program Tracks for Technologists:

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Engineering/Data Science
  • Infrastructure & Operations
  • Cyber Security
  • Quality Assurance

Program Structure:

Participants start with an orientation of your organizational structure, mission, vision and core values.  Time can be spent on specific HR onboarding activities and site visits as appropriate. Dependent on the roles the candidates are being hired for, a short series of soft skills training that includes communication, writing and presentation skills may be necessary. The majority of your program will be spent on technology specific training.  The customized content allows for us to deliver on technologies, tools, current processes, and practices specific to your organization.  Participants finish with a clear understanding of how things are done in your organization and are ready for their first day. Assessments are given throughout the program to gauge the level of knowledge, prove ability, and allow for remediation if any participant is falling behind.   In addition, case studies are integrated throughout the technical training portion, providing participants with opportunities for constant pragmatic application of training and to work in small groups as a team.  The final portion could include a business case presentation showcasing the teams’ solutions at the end of the program. While a technology development program will generally follow this path, each step is customizable to best fit your company’s needs and expectations.

Benefits of Onboarding Programs

  • Attract young talent with the promise of accelerated career growth
  • Increase your long-term competitive advantage
  • Foster loyalty and to increase information retention

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