Confluence Voting

JIRA and Confluence finally came together to create an amazing tool called Confluence voting. What is Confluence Voting you may ask? In a nut shell Confluence Voting is a Plugin that brings watching and voting from Jira into Confluence. Basically by inserting a macro into confluence it will bring the JQLString that will extract tickets from the program demo from Safe. This will allow everyone to vote which issue should be planned and worked on next. Confluence voting will also rank the tickets in order of importance according to the amount of votes received. Doesn’t this tool sound great? Here are some unique features that make this tool a must have:

Unique Features:

Confluence Voting

Watch and vote on issues:

Confluence voting will allow you to watch and vote on issues for the first time. Confluence would allow you to watch certain issues, but it had never allowed you to vote on issues that you thought were important to achieve.

Confluence Voting 1

Ranks Tickets in order of Importance:

The Confluence voting will allow you to see which issues are the most import to you and your peers and by ranking the tickets in order of importance according to the number of votes it received.

See who voted and who watched:

In your board you can see who voted on this ticket and who has watched it.

Easy to insert Macro:

By adding a simple macro onto your Confluence page, you can merge the information from both JIRA and Confluence

Getting started on the issues that truly matter to you and your peers has become a thing of the past. The combination between Jira and Confluence has become the solution to this problem. With a simple insertion of a macro now you are able to vote and watch the issues that matter to you, making it easier to choose the issues that are relevant. Request your free demo and your free trial at