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Agile Hardware Pilot

Agile Hardware Pilot Package

For companies that develop hardware, the benefits of Agile offer great value. When Agile is implemented for hardware projects, we will see improved visibility, predictability, ability to respond to changing business needs, and improved ability to collaborate with software teams using Scrum to develop associated software.

What’s agile hardware? Learn more about it here

Our Agile Hardware Pilot Package, is the most valuable arrangement of services that enables teams to see these results, quickest. It includes all the main components of a full transformation framework, but is scaled down in terms of scope at time. In this package you will get: HARDWAREKICKOFF
  • Assessment + Planning

    1/2-1 Day
  • Team Training

    1-2 Days
  • Coaching

    1-2 Days
  • Your choice of:

    • Role-based Training
    • Software Optimization
    • Agile Health Check
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