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Scrum for Product Owners

Learn the role of a Scrum Product Owner within a Scrum Team


The accountability of a Product Owner in maximizing the value of a product is an essential factor to the success of a Scrum Team, to ensure that a Scrum team develops and delivers sustainable products that customers need, want and love whilst putting themselves at the centre of their stakeholder universe.

Through discussion, practical exercises and case studies, this course explains the rationale for Scrum, what it is and how it works and the benefits that it delivers - to provide everything that a Scrum Product Owner needs to know so they are able to drive delivery of maximum value to their product using Scrum.

If you would like to learn the key aspects of product ownership including key accountabilities, understand customers, the best techniques for discovery and validation as well as defining value and/or understand how to maximize the value of products resulting from the work of a Scrum Team utilizing the Scrum Framework this course could be for you.

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2 days/16 hours of instruction

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There are currently no scheduled classes for this course. Please contact us if you would like more information or to schedule this course for you or your company.

Full Course Details

  • Why Agile
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The Scrum Accountabilities
  • The Scrum Events, Artifacts and Commitments
  • Defining Products Visions
  • Customer Centricity
  • Product Innovation
  • Working with Product Backlogs

  • This course caters for those passionate about and working within the product space.
  • It will benefit anyone in Product Owner / Management roles and will also be of interest to Scrum Master, Project managers and team members.
  • As well as Scrum this course focuses on product development and customer centric innovation.

  • Fundamentals of the Accountabilities of a Product Owner
  • Maximize the value of a product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team
  • Work with stakeholders to provide transparency towards Product Goals and understand the value of Scrum
  • Understand customers and users, working to connect them directly to Developers
  • Create and maintain the Product Backlog whilst developing and communicating the Product Goal
  • Understand your Product Owner responsibilities within the Scrum Inspect and Adapt Events
  • Understand how to offer greater transparency with the use of a clear vision, key artefacts and commitments
  • Describe the relationship between outcome and output.

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