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Name: Gonçalo Veiga

Primary Expertise:

Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Business intelligence, Data Collection, DevOps, Microsoft Excel, R and R Studio.


Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada
Bachelor of Science (BS), Clinical Psychology
2000 – 2008

Notable Clients & Employers:

  • Department of the Interior – Geological Survey
  • Scottrade
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Social Security Administration

Goncalo Veiga

Independent Researcher

Gonçalo Veiga uses his well-developed skills as a psychologist and anthropologist to analyze cultural and behavioral phenomena. His studies in psychology organized his methods of inquiry and anthropology exposed him to the influential nature of social structures, belief, and politics. Combined these fields empower him to ask comprehensive questions and discover the underlying mechanisms and processes that shape who we are and what we do. Gonçalo has conducted and published research on the effect of social and economic policy on the welfare of rural Amazonian populations. He also worked with an international team to develop content for the European Union funded information technology courses.
His natural inquisitiveness leaves him perpetually digging deeper into data to reveal patterns and connections that may not be apparent to others. Gonçalo is passionate about sharing his findings through a variety of channels including writing, video, and audio.

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