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Cprime Private Training

Product Discovery Workshop Training

This one to three-day, facilitated workshop is for everyone in the agile product discovery group. During the workshop participants apply agile product discovery practices while working on a real-life, product initiative. At the end of the workshop the product idea has a prioritized release backlog. The product backlog enables tracking of progress and tracking of value delivered. It also serves as a roadmap for delivery, identifying cross-team dependencies and providing a plan for coordinated delivery. This workshop is an excellent tool for accelerating a product initiative from idea to launch.

Participants learn and apply the following practices on your real-life product initiative:

  • Collaborative framing
  • Pragmatic personas
  • Story mapping (including user journeys, slices, and delivering with annotated story maps to define tests and ensure KPIs are measurable and supported)
  • Customer journeys
  • Defining “Minimum Viable Products” using journeys and slicing and more

What you get

  • A 3-6 month product frame
  • A visualization of your product story
  • 2-3 user personas
  • A sequenced (and often sized) list of customer journeys which represents a product backlog/roadmap

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