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Dojo Immersive Learning Experience

Dojos are an effective alternative to embedded coaching for businesses looking to scale agility, product thinking, and DevOps. Through rapid learning cycles, the dojo provides teams the chance to strengthen learned practices in the context of their real work.

We have been using immersive learning techniques for the past 10 years as a way of allowing teams to focus on a shared goal in a place that removes the day-to-day distractions of their normal work environment.


  • Provide up to a six-week, immersive learning experience
  • Apply product discovery practices to define the “next best investment” for a coming sprint/effort
  • Apply technical practices such as TDD, refactoring, and modern architecture design to iteratively improve the technical agility and resiliency of your product(s)
  • Create a blended discovery, delivery, and learning cadence
  • Leave teams with a roadmap for future learning

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