cPrime debunks the “one-size-fits-all” approach to Agile training and adoption

cPrime, the largest provider of Agile Training in the United States, releases modular based Agile training offerings for organizations with unique Agile training needs.  With the help of cPrime’s Agile coaches, organizations can construct their own tailored training curriculum that meets their objective and goals. 

cPrime offers a vast array of both public and private Agile courses, and has recently focused on developing a new series of modularized, role-based courses to promote optimal function and understanding within Agile teams. Allowing clients to tailor learning objectives and craft their own curriculum ensures that training engagements provide the most possible value to clients. cPrime recognized that organizations are tired of the “one-size-fits-all” approach to Agile adoption that many Agile training companies offer.

Zubin Irani, CEO, explains, “Every team’s needs, goals and environments are different and require a customized approach. With customized training courses teams can quickly overcome the obstacles of adopting Agile.”

cPrime has developed three role-based courses that fit the modular approach; Agile for Teams, Agile for Scrum Masters and Agile for Products.  All three courses give organizations a chance to select appropriate elements and content that matches their Agile adoption initiatives. Organizations will first go through an assessment session with an Agile coach in order for the coach to understand their environment and accurately tailor their course curriculum. They then participate in a planning session to configure their training backlog.

Agile for Teams is intended for all team members involved on the Agile project including Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project managers, Executives and more.  This course includes modules that cover basic scrum training such as the Scrum Roles, Basics of Requirements, Sprint Planning, Scrum Ceremonies, Sample Scrum Projects, and Kanban. Also included are more advanced topics such as Advanced Requirements, Hybrid Planning, Planning for Long Time Horizons, Distributed Teams and Scaling up to Large Projects.

Agile for Products focuses on the role of the Product Owner, Product Manager or product and marketing team members. The course modules include product vision, customer focus, user stories, product backlog, story mapping, lean execution, scaling Agile planning and projects and simulation; each encompassing numerous sub-topics and learning areas.

Scrum Masters can choose from a curriculum geared at their role in an Agile project. The curriculum is made up of topics such as servant leadership, facilitating meetings, retrospectives, reducing impediments, and managing the backlog.

cPrime’s Agile for Teams, Scrum Masters, Products  courses will vary in length from one to three days based on the number of modules selected. cPrime has already received positive feedback on their tailored training courses and believes this offering will bring great value to many more organizations.

cPrime continues to be the leader in bringing custom solutions to organizations adopting Agile. They are known for helping companies adopt “hybrid” approaches Agile.