Scaling on Atlassian: Avoiding the 5 Top Pitfalls when Migrating from a Legacy System (WOD)

New emerging platforms and technologies like “Atlassian” have caused us to revisit the many different software vendors that provide short term band-aid solutions to scalability challenges.

As organizations continue to heavily invest in software tooling, the need to standardize on an integrated platform is becoming ever more necessary. This provides an opportunity to reduce complexity, get to a reliable system that reduces duplication of efforts, enables better decision-making and provides more flexible ways of being more competitive. While there are 100’s of software vendors providing point solutions to problems in this ecosystem, Atlassian has come along and caused many to rethink software, services, processes, workflows, work items and more.

With the ultimate pursuit of moving faster in an integrated way, we will highlight our journey and uncover what we encountered as we migrated to Atlassian and left our legacy systems behind.

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Maxwell Traers
Maxwell Traers
Technical Content Contributor, Cprime