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Cprime’s Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) is the infusion of a security mindset into the execution of a nimble and automated DevOps practice. Just as automated functional testing is critical to ensuring that software operates as intended, security testing should be automated to guarantee that all known security concerns are being checked against as part of the software delivery process. Simplify security audits and gain peace of mind by validating that safe practices are being followed with every release.

Key Benefits

  • Proactively check for the most common vulnerabilities (open ports, user access, unpatched libraries, etc.) when your software is being built, not when it’s already deployed in Production
  • Minimize the pain of audits by being able to share a version controlled list of all security checks being performed with every deployment
  • Ditch the “us” versus “them” mentality between teams by making security part of the build process and not an after-the-fact enforcement

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Services to Get You Started


Cprime will look at your current operations to evaluate the tools and procedures you currently utilize to better understand how well they work for you. Coupled with interviews to get a sense of where your organization wants to go, we craft a package of recommendations based on best practices and our experience of what is possible and how to get there.


With an assessment in place, Cprime will work with a handful of teams and applications in your organization to build out a basic DevOps process and toolset that fits your needs. This POC will generally have a few iterations until we arrive at a product that works well and could be used as a model that would be applied to other teams and applications.

Transformation and Training

Working with the results of the POC, Cprime will build (or help support) the rollout of that template across your organization. This will be done in conjunction with training for your team to help instill the practices and understanding of the tools that your organization is specifically adopting.